Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I wanted to recap the last few days since I'm sure you're all *so* interested in how I spend my time.

I'm in Denver! Drove out Sunday with my brother John, his new wife Lisa, and Ditka, Nola, and Puppy the cat. That's two large dogs and a cat and a car full of wedding gifts and luggage. They bought a new car while they were in Minnesota...new to them. *smile* Doesn't much matter about the car for this story...

Herding the Cat, while trying to get a Frisbee away from Ditka while she sat in the front seat
The End.

Details seem a little boring when the title to my story says it all. It will be great story fodder for my kinder babies next year. Shoot - now I gotta figure out how to draw dogs AND cats.

Isabel is so tall! And she tries to laugh at me! Two weeks ago she was an itty bitty (20 lber) who sat up and smiled when you talked to her. Now she's a tall, I-can-pull-myself-up-on-stuff, laughing big girl. SMH

We're off on an adventure today. Can Auntie Sissa wrangle-a-7.5-month-old-while-grocery-shopping,-Targeting,-and-making-a-meal-for-my-BFF-from-college-who-just-had-a-baby-boy-that-I-get-to-see-tonight? Whew - I'll let ya know about that...excited to try for sure.

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