Tuesday, July 19, 2011

his feet

I feel like I might have posted these before but not with my super new camera...that I don't really know how to use yet...so here are Sammy's foot molds. You can see the wrinkles that he had on his feet and his tiny toe nails! String of Pearls, the foundation who's 5k I am doing on July 30th, sent me a kit that included the gel to cast his feet and then the compound to put in the cast and make these molds. (I'm just throwing these words around, I have no idea what it's all called really. But that down there is what we made from what they sent.)

I know I've shared the ornament before...here is the photo book we received with ornament and molding kit. That blue clay looking glob is just that. Only you can kinda see his toe prints on it. I think we're supposed to bake it and have a foot print but since it's one of the last things left that we have unchanged since Sammy touched it...my other pictures showed the dust that has accumulated really well.

Ya'll, if it weren't for String of Pearls I would have none of that stuff. They sent me a kit, I gave it to my mom and sister in law to take care of after Sammy was born. Time honestly stopped when Sammy was born. Before his birth I couldn't plan past it and I feel like I'm just coming out of a fog. I love our memento's but my mind could not have planned any of that in its state a year ago. We were so concerned about getting a "hand print" that it didn't occur to us to just dip his little fist (that we couldn't keep straight) in the gel to get a fist print. *sigh* That would have been cool but my mind - wasn't thinking about all that.

It is our first event as Team Sammy. I totally dropped on the ball on t-shirts - next year, I swear, the t-shirts will be amazing. I just booked my ticket to Colorado and then received another donation in the mail today. (In that order, I paid for my own ticket. 100% of donations are going directly to String of Pearls.)

Don't forget to donate - up there on the left, under the CHEEKS! picture if you want to support an amazing organization that helps families remember their babies.

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  1. He was a big boy. I have all that stuff from String of Pearls too... when I considered doing those types of baskets for people in Rachel's memory, I contacted Laura from SOP and asked how much they spend on them... $60! And they send them to anyone who asks free of charge. It's unbelievable.. and I too, have many memories because of what they sent me. Love Sammy's foot molds...makes me want to squeeze his toes. ♥ Someday....