Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pre-walk thoughts

yippeee skippy! We made the goal! $1020. Seriously people, I'm not making it up. And that doesn't count my personal donation. No one can tell me God isn't in the details. I swear I did the calculations 2 nights before the last donations rolled in.

17ish (if the rumor was correct, I'll find out today) kits provided for families facing the loss of their baby. My Sammy is helping out 17 families. Love it (and hate it at the same time, ijustwannaholdhim).

Amelia's birthday hit me kinda hard. I blogged about it early before school and spent the evening cuddling baby P and talking to my friend Jessie about her itty bitty E who was born Monday 5 weeks early! 4 itty bitty pounds! And I've been trying to get in touch with Dave's co-worker who lost her precious Jasmine Elizabeth shortly after she was born. I'm excited to be a resource and have someone to "help" if she wants it. Not that I have much to offer except a listening ear...

All that to say, I *may* have been trying to avoid some of the emotional nature of my life these last couple weeks. That ='s one blubbery crying Friday. Talking about Sammy's birthday and heading off to this race to honor my baby (who I wish was alive) had me in tears before work yesterday. SMH and I was that crying lady on the airplane again last night.

So today should be interesting. I wonder if anyone has every walk/cried for 3 miles. I wonder if there are crying mama's at these events. Well. I might be the first (but I'm guessing not).

Oh - I sent every penny of my paypal account to String of Pearls a few minutes ago. If you still want to donate you can go directly to their website and make a donation there. They offer these kits free to anyone who contacts them, such a blessing.

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