Tuesday, July 5, 2011

who's that lady?

Talking to the baby in her cart like she's about to answer back? It was me. And I only cared a little that no other mama's seemed to talk to their children...

Target was a success! *sad smile* so much fun with Belle Bell, I saw a double seater cart and almost stuck her in it for a picture to post how I felt about being there. I did try to imagine how I could have jammed 2 chunktastic babies in the seated part of the cart...

And we got home and she napped her heart out while I made baked potato casserole and 2 apple pies. There was only a little fire from where the pie baked over the edge. I made all that yummy food for my BFF from college Terri, who just had her baby boy Caleb! He's a pea-nut. 7 lbs! He's tiny tiny tiny. I only cried a little while I held him. I gave fair warning "I'm gonna cry but I'm ok."

It's that kind of week I guess. I spent some time yesterday crying at a picnic when I talked to a mama who's been so supportive and very involved with String of Pearls. They are Team Larson and she told me about their shirts yesterday.

I got another donation from a sweet coworker on Sunday! And my bro and new-sis-in-law are definitely coming so we're at 7 people on Team Sammy. Kinda of a great number if you ask me *wink*

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  1. I can picture you out pushing a baby around, talking away... and to quote you from a blog post after Sammy's birth, I bet you were a "natural" :o) You're a great auntie and an amazing Mama.