Saturday, July 30, 2011

3rd Annual Parker Family 5k!

Some of today's highlights in photo's...

Starting at 12 o'clock: Nana Shelly and Isabel - in the shade, on the walk, by the sign

2 o'clock: Team Sammy! Nanny Shelly, Cody, her daughter A, Linda and Isabel.

3 o'clock: Isabel showing us how to get started in a race (or learning to transition from sitting to crawling position!)

4 o'clock: the crowd, it was hot.

6 o'clock: Team Sammy by the sign! It's good that it's super small because then you can't tell my eyes are closed. Everyone else, looking (at least) and't keep my eyes open in the sun.

7 o'clock: Linda and Isabel soakin' up the sun with Sheryl Crow

9 o'clock: Rachel! Her daisy's anyway...saw them along the walkers route and had to take a picture.

10 o'clock: A posin' like a high school senior in the tree...too cute, love my new camera!

11 o'clock: Cody and A running across the finish line!

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