Friday, December 14, 2012

seven months

19lbs 7.5oz
27 1/4 inches

Loves: "da da da da" (not an official first word but his most favorite utterances lately. "ga" is right up there too), dad and mama, the pups, mama's milk, pureed mango, banana yogurt? even though it's cold?, going to bed at night, playing peek-a-boo, his stacking cups, baths, shoes, when daddy plays piano, when mama sings (she's silly), being tickled on the tummy or under the arms or on his chunky turkey thighs, those Varela girls, those Lawdermilk girls (there is a serious lack of little boys in our close circle of friends), his school friends and caregivers

Likes: the bumbo, squeezy pouch food, squash, sweet potatoes, banana, mum mum rice rusks, his fancy new tooth! bottom (his) left

Tolerates: being placed on his tummy - since he can roll onto his back whenever he's over it, avocado, getting lotion put on, the camera in his face 

FUSSES: if you take a straw away in a restaurant, after shots, cold milk/formula, cold food, when mama cleans his crusty morning nose, when mama wipes his face 

Excited to: meet his cousin Oakley! and see that crazy Isabel again, meet his daddy's sister and her family, see all the family and have a first Christmas, see snow!, start crawling

Thursday, December 13, 2012

they never said

I like to be prepared. My mom found a blog for me in the summer of 2010 that belonged to a teacher who had started at a new school and while getting ready to have a baby that would not survive outside of the womb. I emailed a bit with the author and asked for advice and counsel on how she had handled it all. It was helpful.

This year I am working as an Interventionist. I pull small groups from their classrooms and work with them on skills that they need reinforced. I work with first, second, and third graders. This year's third graders are my first graders from 2010-2011 school year. Follow me? More than once it has come up that I had a baby that died that year. *smile* Maybe this is a new stage, or an it's-been-a-while stage, or maybe it's just where I'm at with all this lately but it really doesn't sting the way I would have thought it would...or the way I think it should? *shrug* It's nice to have acknowledgement of my first boy. It gives me an opportunity to talk with kiddos about our response to uncomfortable topics (as they chastise one another for laughing/smiling) and the appropriate time to talk about them (not in the middle of a small group lesson).  

They never said the kiddos would fondly remember when everyone else would rather forget. 

I saw a woman this week that I knew in the fall of 2010. She had her baby in the winter of 2011 so we were pregnant at the same time. I had seen her since, after her maternity leave, but her baby left at home with a sitter, not in an urn. I saw her in a classroom interviewing a teacher. As she walked up to me a few minutes later, I noticed the bump. 

They never said after 2 years of seeing pregnant women, new babies, and babies the age of your angel that the sight of a *certain* pregnant woman would take you right back. 

When I went to my yearly dr appt with Dr v, he announced that he was leaving the baby business. I nodded in understanding and murmured my appreciation for his work in my life and then started crying. 
Y'all, I totally took for granted how amazing it was to have him as my doctor for the pregnancy with Jake. He's never wanted to get into any of the mental aspect of the emotions that I've shown...that is to say, when I cry he pats my arm or hand and rambles on about something kind of, but not really related to the real reason I'm crying, as he exits the room. But I didn't have to explain anything. He used his first hand knowledge to make decisions. I am going to miss him should there ever be a #3. 

They never said the grief would be ripped open when Sammy's doctor, one of the few people to hear his heartbeat and feel his weight, made his exit from our life.

Friday, December 7, 2012


7 months! 
time to take up an instrument
his caregiver at school asked me to bring in a cup

a cup! 
not my *baby*
ooooh maaaaaaan

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

6 months!

So - my picture taking skills have been lacking but they are in swift need of a step up if I'm going to capture this dude.

Here's our attempt at the six month picture. 'gator and Jake are really into the paper. Most of the pix were a blur of hand and paper waving or baby rolling around. SMH

Here's his cute self a couple days front of some natural light because I don't have the skills to fake good light yet. Or to use the light I'm given. Whatever. 

Six months (and 1 week): 

*stats to come*

*can sit up, tips when tired or reaching for something 
*has thrown about a fit a day for the last 4 days...we think he's just testing out the voice 
*no teeth, just some bumpy gums, bottom middle
*eats a couple meals a day, by meal I mean 4 oz's of some mashed up veg/fruit and the rest BM with a little formula thrown in when he's at school (daycare - not sure why I call it school but I do)
*still mainly BF'ing, he went through a couple weeks with the nickname baby barracuda, things were apparently not happening fast enough? Not sure, it was rough, thought it was becoming the end but here we are still feeding away
*sleeps through the night consistently on school days, not so much when he's been home with mom or dad
*has been found on his tummy after sleeping
*inconsistent napper - he takes them, it's just not that predictable
*does this thing where he gets his left foot all stuck in the right leg hole when he's fussing in his bed, which causes him to fuss more. non-footie jams seem to help with this, unfortch, we currently only have 2 pair of footless jams...time to start cutting some footies off (the jams)
*loves bath time
*loves the puppies, giggles if he catches a tail or ear, loves to watch them
*thinks mama is *so so * funny when she mimics his shrieks and shouts, this is new for sure because I've been mimicking him since he started making noises
*still loooooooves being out and around other people
*has uttered some dadadada, mamama, gagaga, heard a yoooouuu today
*thinks sneezes are the funniest and fake coughs to get mama's attention. there was a short window of time where he would start coughing when I walked into a room and then open his mouth with his little tongue sticking out and fuss. it wasn't cute (it was kinda cute)
*loves the books Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Babies First Words
*occasionally takes "bites" out of mama's cheek, sometimes dad's...haven't seen him do it to anyone else yet, could be giving kisses, all I know is it's an open mouth and quite slobbery

Lotsa new babies around - makes 6 months seem so grown up. I'm still trying to soak up every moment and enjoy all the little junk because it's already going so fast. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

how many times does busy work as the excuse?

Shout out to my Grandma's doily on the table in the back. Who uses doily's? Me!

I really do love books. Especially ones that talk to me and ones that my mama reads in a crazy voice. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

we're so busy!

celebrating big bro's bday (closest to a 5mo pic we got this month) 
supervising pumpkin carving
mama was there too!

visiting with Boppa and Great Grandpa

...bathing in the sink after the poo'splosion.
learning that hands can splash! what fun!
playing with Nana's new toys...
...pooing on Nana's new toys...

And! And! Eating "solid" food!
Dr recommended, Mama's not ready, baby boy enjoyed. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

happy birthday my forever baby

Confess, your kiss still knocks me off my legs.The first time I saw you was like a punch right through my chestand I will forever, ‘cause you’ll forever bemy one true broken heart, pieces inside of me 
and you’ll forever, my baby be.
You will rest your head, your strength once saving.And when you wake you will fly away,holding tight to the legs of all your angels.Goodbye my love, into your blue, blue eyes,your blue, blue world, you're my baby blue.
Confess I'm not quite ready to be left.Still, I know I gave my level best.You give, you give, to this I can attest
You made me, you made me.You and me forever, baby.

DMB - Baby Blue

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


took me a minute to think of a title to that *kind of* describes my heart, my mind, my grief, my love and missingness for my 1st baby boy. 

the weather broke. just the same way it has for the last two years. october 1st means cool. It also means the final decent into his birthday. 

saturday i cried thinking about planning a second birthday party. considered having one at the zoo anyway - only we would know that the birthday boy isn't actually *at* the party. i think i'm going to do mini rainbow cupcakes regardless of what we do. 

sunday during the saints game we chatted about next week's game and i hesitated to plan the game time hangout at our house. couldn't figure out why but i just didn't commit. then it hit me - 2nd birthday. i'm really not much of a party person. we grew up having family birthday parties and in middle and high school did more friend parties...but it also seems weird to do nothing. especially with all the brain time i've committed to october 7th anyway. 

the cooking/baking has continued. combined and tweaked a couple chicken enchilada recipes, tried a mexican sweet corn cake recipe, 2 kinds of bread and a batch of cookies last weekend. the cookies have been my sorry-i'm-late gifts to my team at work when i roll in a little late these last couple days.

 it's just hard this time of year. 

thrift store jammies...didn't notice the words on the feet til we got home

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

finding Sammy


I shouldn't be surprised anymore. Sammy is so deeply imbedded in my entire being. Last week I was tired. More tired than the standard, I-have-an-infant-that-doesn't-sleep-through-the-night tired. Thursday to Saturday Dave couldn't do *anything* right. 

Memories and remembering are all about 2 years ago...those final weeks. 

Saturday I figured it out. Hey - I'm sad my baby died 2 years ago. That happened! And it is still sad! So instead of letting it subconsciously warp me, I decided to embrace and acknowledge it. This looks like tears and baking 16 mini loaves of bread. My usual coping mechanism would be shopping (case in point, last year's *need* for a dining room table) but I cannot afford that this year. So shopping for baking ingredients will have to do. 

There are obvious triggers...and more subtle ones. Obviously watching Isabel with Oakley makes me think of how Sammy would be interacting with Jake. More subtly, baking zucchini bread makes me think of this grief process. 

Grief over the years is like the zucchini in the bread. 

There it is! Grief Zucchini! Can't mistake that! 

Mmm, yeah, that's grief zucchini all mixed up with the rest of life ingredients.

2012 - until??
Here we are...lookin' like delicious chocolate sweet bread...what's that? 

Grief the hidden ingredient that still flavors the whole loaf. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

4 months

Oh man, you've changed so much in the last month.

Sleep: I guess this hasn't changed too much. You will randomly sleep through the night (9pm-5am) but usually you're up at least once between 1-3am. *shrug* I figure if you get up and the paci doesn't appease you, must be because you're hungry. 

I have milk supply insecurity. I feel like I'm barely keeping up with you so when ever you're unconsolable I feed you. That makes me insecure too. *rolling eyes* What I learned about feeding you is that when it's just me and you (during Hurricane Isaac), we do juuuuust fine. It's this work and pumping business that makes life more difficult. Oops - this is supposed to be about you and your 4 months of life. 

Play: You grab at stuff. You've started reaching for my phone when I try to snap your picture. I bring toys places because you seem to like to grab at them and put them in your mouth. When I picked you up at daycare today (4 months 1.5 weeks) you were in a exersaucer punchin' at the toys on it cause your fingers couldn't quite get it done. 

Ms. Sharon says you love it when your baby friend Sara pulls up on the exersaucer and looks at you. You smile and stare back. You love people! Always have! We went to a Saturday work meeting last Saturday and you chilled the whole time, being passed from teacher to teacher. For a while you chatted back with the presenter, cooing and gooing at the back of the room. 

During the hurricane you found your pointer finger and in the last week you've found your thumb. It's pretty funny to watch you stick that thumb up into your paci. 

Growth: You wear size 2 diapers and most of your clothes now are 6 month size...some 9 month. !! You apparently had your first ear infection. At your 4 month visit the doctor saw it. You hadn't been abnormally fussy or anything! Even after your shot you were smiling at the doctor. He was impressed with your pain thresh hold. I was more upset about the ear infection then you were. It seemed everyone asked about you last week so I was reliving the frustration. I wish I was home with you all day, then you wouldn't have picked this up from daycare. :-/

Next you'll hit 5 months on what could have been your brother's 2 year birthday. Crazy. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 months

Details about the last month to come *smile*
1st ear infection diagnosed today *frown*
15 lbs 11 oz - 75th percentile
26 inches - 95th percentile

Had to do some nervous baking tonight as my new nephew was being born! So exciting. 
Couldn't help but think of waiting for his sister to be born...just 6 short weeks after Sammy...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

during a hurricane...

babies *might* be less cranky than their mama - or maybe that's just at our house. I mean the houses of all the people that were kind enough to put us up until our power came back half on.

your mama might find a chair in the room y'all stay in during the hurricane and decide it's great for pictures. she might learn a new word, perfectly fitting what you do every time you're set up. tump. you tump over almost every time get set up.

it's the perfect size for you!

she might haul the chair downstairs while the girls, who so graciously allowed y'all to stay in their room, show you music video's on their ipods. *game day*

later, A will teach you how to play a racing game and you will watch intently.

during the aftermath of the hurricane, in 90 degree temps, you will get to nap in the dining room. the temps will require you to forgo swaddling...growing up...

it's so hot even the dogs find random places to rest. 

no baby was left unattended for the duration of these photos
dad will set you up outside to get some fresh air and decide that you need your picture taken some more. you have found your pointer finger during this last week. it must taste amazing 'cause you will take that paci out in a heartbeat to stick that finger in.

Mama hasn't captured a picture yet but you also decided that laying down is for *babies* and will try to "sit up" whenever you're tipped back too far...ahhh, you're growing right up...

Seriously though. We have been crashing on twin beds, futons, and mattresses on the floor for the last 7 nights. I love my friends and times like these remind me why. A few people have opened up their homes to us and currently our neighbor is letting us use a window AC unit *and* his generator. Since his power is back on and all. Our local energy provider and the electrician have decided this is a good time to fight about what proper electrical hook up is. So while our neighborhood has been restored to full power we are quite literally in the dark. And the hot. Except for neighbor Will. 

Apparently it takes a village to raise a child *and* his parents. during a hurricane.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

it stings

it stings.

to write a to-pack list for this hurrication.

and have a line on that reads "Sammy".

what tropical storm?

Saint's fan by default. Minnesota and Michigan have some saaaaad professional football teams. Of course, one could argue bounties are sadder than losing records :-/ Whatever, let's focus on the cute baby. 

I'm supposed to be working on school stuff today but instead I sit watching news about Tropical Storm Isaac. I ordered diapers and wipes to be delivered Thursday :-/ We stocked up on freezer food yesterday :-/ natural disaster was *not* in my plan for this week. Just sayin'

Soon I will start baking...some how that always makes me feel a little better.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

could they have cuddled like this?

Of course, I can't imagine a world where I would have ended up preggers with an 11 month old. But what if I had?

Interesting moment the other day. I have, of course, mention Jake in class. *smile* One day it was to remind the kiddos that my baby eats his hands and that's ok cause he's a baby but big kindergarten students shouldn't eat their hands. Yesterday my co-teacher referred to my baby and I had a shocked, sad moment where I was surprised that she would talk to the kids about Sammy. And then I realized she was referring to Jake.

Can you imagine? For 3.5 months it's been all about my baby Jake. Every other moment of the day I'm worried about how to pump enough during the day to feed him and wishing I could be with him. All of the sudden when someone mentions "my baby" it's Sammy?? Amazing what this time of year does to me.

Grief and my brain get more mysterious every day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

'tis the season

you know. or maybe (hopefully) you don't. 'tis the season of reliving my baby's birth and death.

It all starts with Amelia's birthday.  2 years ago I watched her mama dance the horrible dance I knew was coming for me.

As I looked over my kindergarteners birth dates this week I realized they were all born in the year I graduated college, got married, and moved to Louisiana (2007)...I realized one year I will look at birth dates and will miss my own baby heading off to kindergarten. I can't imagine how I will ever be able to teach that year.

It also occurred to me this week that it's like Jake knows. I'm sure there are other babies that seem bored at home and always want someone or something to watch. Maybe it's his age? Or maybe he was born to be the second child. He could have a crazy almost 2 year old brother to watch and giggle at.

I couldn't celebrate last year. Honestly it was one of the saddest days ever. And I was anticipating our first look at baby Lucido #2 3 days later...nervously hoping for a big ol' round head. I imagine this year will still be sad, but I hope, for Jake's sake and for my heart's sake, that there can be some joyful remembering too.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 months

You're 3 months old buddy! Amazing. I feel like I've known you forever. This post *was* started on August 7th...

Your stats: 14 lbs 4.5 oz & 24 3/4 inches

I should really pick a format for these monthly posts and stick with it. *shrug*

The last 2 nights you've slept through from 8-9pm until 5am. It's wonderful! And a good thing 'cause mama was gonna lose her mind gettin' up all night *and* working all day.

It seems you've figured out how your bouncy chair friends work. :-) Mama keeps it on the rattle function so when you kick or hit the parrot or the monkey all the lights flash and it sings to you. You get quite serious about it. You've even been known to fuss at the little monkey that swings back and forth in response to your movement.  You seem to think it should happen the same with the frog that hangs on your car seat. I hear your feet and legs a boppin' every now and then while I'm driving.

In the last month you've started daycare and you seem to enjoy it. You smile at everyone when we walk in the door and you smile at me when I come to pick you up. I have my suspicions that every time you squawk you get a bottle so...I guess you would like that.

I felt my first belly laughs this weekend. You were tired and we wanted to show Daddy how much fun we have dancing. Otherwise, you're pretty stingy with the giggles. One time you giggled while nursing/sleeping. And I heard you giggled a bit at those girls you stayed with a couple weeks ago. We do see lots of smiles though.

You have found your fist. 80% of the time you will spit out the paci and suck on your fist until you have little raisin thumbs. You can rub your eyes even. Not so interested in grabbing things yet but getting those fists to your face consistently is definitely a new 3 month old Jake thing.

TMI? Probably. It occurred to me this week that even your bowels are growing up. I was getting concerned when I wasn't seeing poo every day. I mean, they would tell me they'd seen it at daycare but with in this last month you've gone down to 1 poo a day instead of lots of little poo's all day long.

You love the shower and baths too. Finally, water is your friend.

You really do think you're a big boy. Sitting up, or trying to, is your new favorite. No matter what position we hold you in you're wanting to hold that head up and look around. Half of the pictures from the official 3 month photo shoot are you watching your dad walk across the room.

You're wearing size 2 diapers, this will probably be your last monthly photo in a cloth diaper. You wear mostly 3 month clothes but some 6 month pants and jam's (pajama's).

Things you've been called this month: punky, punkers, punky pooters, punks, pumpkin, jakers, jake, jacob samuel (mostly likely after you spit up on a freshly changed shirt!)

I'm just tired mama. 'member those shots today? Not feelin' pictures tonight.

Love you buddy!

taken this week, but not *on* Aug 7th

Friday, August 3, 2012

back to work

day 1: where we goin' mama? it's early. 
The first day was the easiest for me. Dave took Jake to our friend Lindsay's house and I got ready with only the pups at home to keep me company. I must have gotten some sleep that night before...since that was almost 2 weeks ago I don't remember *smile*. I had Ben and Jerry's FroYo for supper that night while Jake nursed for an hour.

It's only gotten harder since then. Jake was with Lindsay and her two little girls that first week and he started at daycare this week. Monday I forgot bottles to pump into so I had to run across the street to the daycare a couple times to nurse before going home to get bottles (yes, his daycare is across the street the ideal situation since he can't stay with Lindsay indefinitely). Something didn't work though, I ended up with a clogged milk duct Tuesday. No fun. Know what else is not fun? Pumping. I loathe it.

I think he took a couple of days to adjust to both places. Then yesterday and today he fussed in the car  on the way and as soon as we got into the house he started smiling at Ms. Sharon, Ms. Allison, and whatever toddler was visiting the babies in the baby room. I knew he would love being around other people all day. Now we just gotta get a sleep schedule and mama on board with all this.

It's a crazy transition from pregnant to mama. We lived here for about 1 month when I found out I was pregnant with Jake. So when I think of school, housework, and life it all equals too tired and messy. Every night I'm amazed at how much I get done before "bed time" *smile*.

On the other hand, it's only been 10 work days and I'm feeling the pull from all sides. Teacher, mama, and wife. I've been disappointed that I can't do them all well. Already. I can't imagine how I'll feel in a few weeks/months when it all piles up. I'm averaging 1.5 breakdowns a week so far :-/ Every mama ever who's worked outside the home is my hero. And every mama ever how works at home is my hero. Don't get me started on mama's of more than 1 child. Super hero's. All of you.

one more pic, just for fun. he's discovered his hands can *move*.

Friday, July 20, 2012

a moment for new things

Hey - whew. Looks like I have a moment *cue fussing babe*


Ok - no fussing, here we go.

I sit down to write every now and then but Jake uses that as his cue to wake up. Much like when a plate of food is ready for me to eat - cue hungry Jake. He's got wicked discernment that one *wink*.

I go to work next week. I am excited to get back to it and watch kiddo's learn and grow...but I am going to miss (understatement) watching my own kiddo learn and grow. I'm pretty sure he will love being with other people. Every now and then he gets bored with this house and my face and we have to get out - doesn't really matter where we go, he just wants to be out. Our original plan was for him to stay with a good friend from church and her two little girls...then she found out she's pregnant. So plan b went into effect and he'll be with her for 1 week and then a daycare. Either way he'll have other kiddo's to watch, ladies to smile at, and fun new toys. Who knew a 10 week old could be so high maintenance? Anyway *bonus* the daycare is right across the street from my school. It's small, only 4-5 infants and 1 caregiver in his room. Added bonus: should I be able to escape for lunch I can head across the street to nurse my little guy.

Do you see it? In the picture up there? Red! Hair! It really looks more brownish in person, except on some days, in the right light, with the right clothing. Red. And it still is holding some wave. I can't wait to see how he grows with it.  See his fist there, I caught this picture at a moment when it wasn't lodged in his mouth. It's one of his new things this week, sucking on his fist. He spent a couple days staring at his hands and now it's *usually* up near his mouth. We do the pacifier thing but sometimes he'd rather just chew on that fist.

Week 10 *new things*

**sleeping basically "through the night" (9pm-5am, 8:30pm-3:30am, 9pm-4am)
**sucking on his fist
**laughing when I put a shirt over his head
**eating every 1.5-2hrs during the day

Ha - well, obviously, he woke up so I had to switch to a bullet type format. 

One more quick note - I am sad that I can't participate in the String of Pearls 3k/5k this year. I hope to return to it next year! And run! I was looking at my calendar for October and saw "Sammy's 2nd birthday". I mean, I know it's coming, but seeing it in print...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sammy's Cabin

When we were in Minnesota, Jake and I attended a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. It took place at the camp ground that Sammy's cabin was built on. I was able to visit and take lots of pictures. Inside there is the name picture that my cousin Deshi made and a small write up about Sammy's short life. Pictures are taking forever to load (probably because they are so big and with all my expertise - ha - I don't know how to make them smaller) but trust me, it's an amazing cabin. I'm quite proud of my Dad for raising the money to build the cabin and helping see the project through to fruition.

Monday, July 16, 2012

jake's far...

I like to think of it as a work in progress...mmm yeah. 

So. Here I see a blank wall, I think it is where I want to hang his birth info plaque and maybe a ginormous picture/canvas of some kind. 

That's the diaper stack so unorganized on the right there. I got that dresser handed down to me from a friend that received it for free. I gave it away about a year ago and then got it back. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to paint it. I had planned to paint it for Sammy...I used Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It is super easy to use. No sanding or priming, its low odor so I was able to do the painting indoors. Time will tell how I like having furniture that requires wax in Jake's room.

My mama made that changing pad cover and the crib skirt to match his blanket. I love them! Kinda babyish with lots of stripes. I have a thing for furniture sitting kitty corner in a room. With the placement of Jake's mobile it just worked. I can also see the crib from the stove in the kitchen, added bonus. 

I had different plans for Jake's mobile. I'm glad I went this route. It was a huge, gorgeously shaped lamp shade with ripped fabric so I was able to buy it separate from its lamp. I started by wrapping yarn around the frame. I found the balls at Anthropolgie at their after Christmas sale and they are dangling from plastic shower curtain rings that I had in my craft box. I wrapped the rings with yarn as well. A couple spins and Jake will watch himself to sleep. 

Next to the crib is the rocking chair and Sammy's shelf. I bought that shelf a long time ago in Detroit and it's finally getting some use. It's seriously moved 4 times with me. On the shelf - Sammy's star certificate, his name in found objects done by my cousin, a piggy bank, Sammy's birth information plaque, and his moon urn. Oh - and an air freshener from William Sonoma that is divine.

I didn't think I wanted a rocking chair but this one turned up for free. It is also chalk painted. Having used a couple gliders at different places, I totally have rocker envy and hope to one day upgrade to a super comfy glider. 

This is the big wall. I thought I would use the daybed instead of a rocker. I have used it a few times for middle of the night feedings and we've had one family (including puppies) nap on it but really it just collects junk - as can be seen here. 

The window frame still needs something...not sure what yet. The two black frames are old t-shirts that I decided would be cuter on the wall than on me. I think I heard somewhere that 30 year olds shouldn't wear message t-shirts? Next to that is a collage of pictures from Jakes first few weeks. I had some chicken wire from a previous project and have used twisted paper clips to attach the pictures.

That's the room so far. Jake loves it ~ occasionally he will only quiet down when he is in his room. Could be the temperature, we keep the vent closed so it's a few degrees warmer, or maybe it's just his happy place.

Monday, July 9, 2012

*two months*

*it was late in the day, all my smiles had been used up*
Jake is 2 months old! I don't remember what I wrote last month so I'm just gonna write what I know about him now and see what's changed *smile*.

*edited to add* not sure why/how but this is written from Jake's POV 

*I am 12lbs 15oz and 24 inches long. Mama says this puts me in the 90th percentile for both :-)

*I rode on an airplane to Minnesota to meet my Boppa, Papa D, Uncle Paul, Aunt Linda, Isabel, great Grandpa Scrabeck, great Grandpa & Grandma Miller, and a whole bunch of other family. I have now met all my grandparents and nearly all the greats. I was a champ on the airplane and I was a little fussy around all the new people.

*I have lost some of my hair on top of my head but the stuff on the side and on the back looks a little wavy!

*I can see much better! I had a great time watching Isabel run around at Nana's house. Mama caught me looking at the puppies too. Sometimes I watch mama or dad until they look at me and then I reward them with a smile! I found the mobile that hangs above my swing and spend some time each day studying it.

*Mornings are my favorite. Evenings are a close second.

*I can speed nurse in around 20 minutes - a big change from the hour it used to take me! I drink from a bottle even faster!

*I'm still wearing 0-3 month onesies and clothing. Diapers: size 1.

*Sometimes I like my paci, sometimes it offends me. This confused Isabel immensely.

*I spit up a lot. Every single time I'm in my car seat (which I really don't like).

*I still love all the carriers that mama puts me in. Being close to her, bundled up in a ball is my favorite.

*Mama's noticed I get fussy a couple hours after I eat. Usually because I'm ready for a nap, sometimes because I want to eat again.

*Every now and then I sleep in longer chunks and have long periods between feedings. The longest was 7 hours! I am *not* consistent.

*I am enjoying baths more and I really love showers.

I used to hang on for dear I can relax a little.

*While we were in Minnesota it became clear that I do favor my mama over strangers.

*On my two month day mama put me to bed in my crib. I love my room and I am happy almost every time I am in it. Sleeping in my crib is great!