Saturday, August 11, 2012

3 months

You're 3 months old buddy! Amazing. I feel like I've known you forever. This post *was* started on August 7th...

Your stats: 14 lbs 4.5 oz & 24 3/4 inches

I should really pick a format for these monthly posts and stick with it. *shrug*

The last 2 nights you've slept through from 8-9pm until 5am. It's wonderful! And a good thing 'cause mama was gonna lose her mind gettin' up all night *and* working all day.

It seems you've figured out how your bouncy chair friends work. :-) Mama keeps it on the rattle function so when you kick or hit the parrot or the monkey all the lights flash and it sings to you. You get quite serious about it. You've even been known to fuss at the little monkey that swings back and forth in response to your movement.  You seem to think it should happen the same with the frog that hangs on your car seat. I hear your feet and legs a boppin' every now and then while I'm driving.

In the last month you've started daycare and you seem to enjoy it. You smile at everyone when we walk in the door and you smile at me when I come to pick you up. I have my suspicions that every time you squawk you get a bottle so...I guess you would like that.

I felt my first belly laughs this weekend. You were tired and we wanted to show Daddy how much fun we have dancing. Otherwise, you're pretty stingy with the giggles. One time you giggled while nursing/sleeping. And I heard you giggled a bit at those girls you stayed with a couple weeks ago. We do see lots of smiles though.

You have found your fist. 80% of the time you will spit out the paci and suck on your fist until you have little raisin thumbs. You can rub your eyes even. Not so interested in grabbing things yet but getting those fists to your face consistently is definitely a new 3 month old Jake thing.

TMI? Probably. It occurred to me this week that even your bowels are growing up. I was getting concerned when I wasn't seeing poo every day. I mean, they would tell me they'd seen it at daycare but with in this last month you've gone down to 1 poo a day instead of lots of little poo's all day long.

You love the shower and baths too. Finally, water is your friend.

You really do think you're a big boy. Sitting up, or trying to, is your new favorite. No matter what position we hold you in you're wanting to hold that head up and look around. Half of the pictures from the official 3 month photo shoot are you watching your dad walk across the room.

You're wearing size 2 diapers, this will probably be your last monthly photo in a cloth diaper. You wear mostly 3 month clothes but some 6 month pants and jam's (pajama's).

Things you've been called this month: punky, punkers, punky pooters, punks, pumpkin, jakers, jake, jacob samuel (mostly likely after you spit up on a freshly changed shirt!)

I'm just tired mama. 'member those shots today? Not feelin' pictures tonight.

Love you buddy!

taken this week, but not *on* Aug 7th

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  1. Melissa, Jake is absolutely darling!! I love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your life, feelings and emotions with all of us! Sometimes it is not easy being an open book for all to read, but you inspire this reader!! Love you and miss you guys! You are doing great at being a mommy! Don't get discouraged, allow each challenge to bring growth in you. Ask God daily for wisdom and strength and watch what he does!! Praying for you!