Thursday, August 16, 2012

could they have cuddled like this?

Of course, I can't imagine a world where I would have ended up preggers with an 11 month old. But what if I had?

Interesting moment the other day. I have, of course, mention Jake in class. *smile* One day it was to remind the kiddos that my baby eats his hands and that's ok cause he's a baby but big kindergarten students shouldn't eat their hands. Yesterday my co-teacher referred to my baby and I had a shocked, sad moment where I was surprised that she would talk to the kids about Sammy. And then I realized she was referring to Jake.

Can you imagine? For 3.5 months it's been all about my baby Jake. Every other moment of the day I'm worried about how to pump enough during the day to feed him and wishing I could be with him. All of the sudden when someone mentions "my baby" it's Sammy?? Amazing what this time of year does to me.

Grief and my brain get more mysterious every day.

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