Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jake's Birth Story - 1 year later

**I found this draft and figured it was as good a time as any to post his birth story. I am grateful for its simplicity! That means it ended well!**

Much like Sammy's story, Jake's starts with us getting to choose his birthday. At the appointments leading up to my 39 week appointment, my doctor didn't seem too concerned about the potential for a big baby. Well, early in the pregnancy he had concerns but by the last trimester he seemed to have forgotten them?? It was confusing but - he's the doctor - right? Week 39 and all of the sudden my doctor was back to concerned that this baby seemed to keep growing...yeah...at that point we were ready to head to the hospital that night he if let us, but it was a Friday so instead we requested the induction be scheduled ASAP and waited for the call.

The plan was set, check in on Sunday night, May 6th and have baby boy 'cido on May 7th. I couldn't help but love that my boys would share the 7th of the month as their birthday. 

My mom came into town on Saturday and helped us finish up getting the house ready. 

Sunday night we checked in. Mom stayed with us until I was settled. It felt strange. Knowing (hoping) we were about to start a process we were familiar with but that would have (hopefully) a different ending.  My nurse noticed...something...and commented on our subdued nature. I don't remember exactly how many times I explained about Sammy but it was a process. I would ask or try to figure out if this was a person who *needed* to know or who might care and proceed from there. 

This time I hadn't done any prepping for childbirth. I knew I wanted an epidural...I don't know what else contributed. I also didn't do any research or prep for anything after the birth. 

Monday morning went much the same as it did with Sammy, the doctor swept in, broke my bag of waters, they started pitocin, and we were off. I think it was during this early morning visit that he mentioned the possibility of a difficult birth. My doctor was convinced after all the trouble with getting Sammy out that this baby would be born via c-section. "You could push for 2 hours and then end up with a c-section anyway." He really tried to prepare me.

On his next visit around noon he asked, somewhat nervously, if we knew what we were having, a boy or a girl.  This wouldn't be the first time he was confused so I cautiously said yes, it's a boy. The latest paperwork that he had from our specialist said that it was a girl!! So we laughed, said we didn't care as long as he/she was healthy and got on with the {painful} waiting.

***from here on written 5/7/13**

A year later, from that point on, here's what I remember. The epidural was great, once again it got my body to relax and progress much faster than I had been. Around 4:30pm, maybe?, the nurse thought I might be ready and called Dr. v. He asked for her to have me push for a while, to get ready for when he got there. So I pushed. 3 times and the nurse said stop, you are ready!

Dr. v was out of breath for running to get there...I pushed 3 or 4 more times and our baby boy was born! There had been meconium in the waters when they broke so we knew he would be whisked off to the baby suite right away. Babe promptly poo'd on the dr and let out a scream as he was carried off. As is seeming to be his nature - all unpleasantness is greeted with a holler.

My first look at him was this picture - when someone brought the camera over to me to look at.

My initial reaction was that I had given birth to my father and my youngest brother. Second thought - CHEEKS!

Finally I got to hold and cuddle him and I realized he didn't have a name yet. He looked like a Jake. Still does. Can't imagine him with the other names we had considered. 9 lbs 6 ozs and adorable. Only recently have I been able to really appreciate the "big baby" that the nurses and aids came into our room to see. Every new person would ask about our big baby and coo at those cheeks.

It's been an amazing year. I love, love, love, being Jake's mama. A couple of days ago I had my first "we might be in trouble" thought. You see, he's got this little stubbornness thing that's started. I realized that in life, I am confident that my stubbornness will out stubborn any one else's (maybe not something I should be proud of??). But if his stubbornness, is my stubbornness...??? Ya'll, I wasn't too worried about anything until like 2023 or so. But these toddler years are starting to look a bit scary.

Happy Birthday Jakers! 
Can't believe you're 1...

Friday, May 3, 2013


we did an early cake smash with a section of the family...sunday will be the NOLA family cake smash. 

yes we are those corny people. believe that Dave has a shirt to match the invite...we fully acknowledge that this is a party for us as we celebrate keeping Jake alive for *almost* 1 year.  

and because I can't stop - half the birthday banner

and a half finished "time of his life" display...I didn't ever love the ones I took on his month day so I just chose a fav from each month. he's really not as serious as I make him out to be. but he is that cute. and smooshable. (not walking, crawling like crazy, getting sassy with mama! and eating everything with his 5 teeth, incaseyouwerewondering)

I had to do a little man theme...which morphed into a little STRONG man theme...and well, nacho's for cinco de mayo. it'll be a great day. 

someone even had a theme verse to go with the little strong man idea. 

2 Timothy 2:1 ...be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus...

Yes, my Jakers, my prayer for you in life is to find your strength in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. That will be your peace.