Sunday, September 2, 2012

during a hurricane...

babies *might* be less cranky than their mama - or maybe that's just at our house. I mean the houses of all the people that were kind enough to put us up until our power came back half on.

your mama might find a chair in the room y'all stay in during the hurricane and decide it's great for pictures. she might learn a new word, perfectly fitting what you do every time you're set up. tump. you tump over almost every time get set up.

it's the perfect size for you!

she might haul the chair downstairs while the girls, who so graciously allowed y'all to stay in their room, show you music video's on their ipods. *game day*

later, A will teach you how to play a racing game and you will watch intently.

during the aftermath of the hurricane, in 90 degree temps, you will get to nap in the dining room. the temps will require you to forgo swaddling...growing up...

it's so hot even the dogs find random places to rest. 

no baby was left unattended for the duration of these photos
dad will set you up outside to get some fresh air and decide that you need your picture taken some more. you have found your pointer finger during this last week. it must taste amazing 'cause you will take that paci out in a heartbeat to stick that finger in.

Mama hasn't captured a picture yet but you also decided that laying down is for *babies* and will try to "sit up" whenever you're tipped back too far...ahhh, you're growing right up...

Seriously though. We have been crashing on twin beds, futons, and mattresses on the floor for the last 7 nights. I love my friends and times like these remind me why. A few people have opened up their homes to us and currently our neighbor is letting us use a window AC unit *and* his generator. Since his power is back on and all. Our local energy provider and the electrician have decided this is a good time to fight about what proper electrical hook up is. So while our neighborhood has been restored to full power we are quite literally in the dark. And the hot. Except for neighbor Will. 

Apparently it takes a village to raise a child *and* his parents. during a hurricane.

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