Sunday, September 16, 2012

4 months

Oh man, you've changed so much in the last month.

Sleep: I guess this hasn't changed too much. You will randomly sleep through the night (9pm-5am) but usually you're up at least once between 1-3am. *shrug* I figure if you get up and the paci doesn't appease you, must be because you're hungry. 

I have milk supply insecurity. I feel like I'm barely keeping up with you so when ever you're unconsolable I feed you. That makes me insecure too. *rolling eyes* What I learned about feeding you is that when it's just me and you (during Hurricane Isaac), we do juuuuust fine. It's this work and pumping business that makes life more difficult. Oops - this is supposed to be about you and your 4 months of life. 

Play: You grab at stuff. You've started reaching for my phone when I try to snap your picture. I bring toys places because you seem to like to grab at them and put them in your mouth. When I picked you up at daycare today (4 months 1.5 weeks) you were in a exersaucer punchin' at the toys on it cause your fingers couldn't quite get it done. 

Ms. Sharon says you love it when your baby friend Sara pulls up on the exersaucer and looks at you. You smile and stare back. You love people! Always have! We went to a Saturday work meeting last Saturday and you chilled the whole time, being passed from teacher to teacher. For a while you chatted back with the presenter, cooing and gooing at the back of the room. 

During the hurricane you found your pointer finger and in the last week you've found your thumb. It's pretty funny to watch you stick that thumb up into your paci. 

Growth: You wear size 2 diapers and most of your clothes now are 6 month size...some 9 month. !! You apparently had your first ear infection. At your 4 month visit the doctor saw it. You hadn't been abnormally fussy or anything! Even after your shot you were smiling at the doctor. He was impressed with your pain thresh hold. I was more upset about the ear infection then you were. It seemed everyone asked about you last week so I was reliving the frustration. I wish I was home with you all day, then you wouldn't have picked this up from daycare. :-/

Next you'll hit 5 months on what could have been your brother's 2 year birthday. Crazy. 

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