Monday, July 16, 2012

jake's far...

I like to think of it as a work in progress...mmm yeah. 

So. Here I see a blank wall, I think it is where I want to hang his birth info plaque and maybe a ginormous picture/canvas of some kind. 

That's the diaper stack so unorganized on the right there. I got that dresser handed down to me from a friend that received it for free. I gave it away about a year ago and then got it back. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to paint it. I had planned to paint it for Sammy...I used Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It is super easy to use. No sanding or priming, its low odor so I was able to do the painting indoors. Time will tell how I like having furniture that requires wax in Jake's room.

My mama made that changing pad cover and the crib skirt to match his blanket. I love them! Kinda babyish with lots of stripes. I have a thing for furniture sitting kitty corner in a room. With the placement of Jake's mobile it just worked. I can also see the crib from the stove in the kitchen, added bonus. 

I had different plans for Jake's mobile. I'm glad I went this route. It was a huge, gorgeously shaped lamp shade with ripped fabric so I was able to buy it separate from its lamp. I started by wrapping yarn around the frame. I found the balls at Anthropolgie at their after Christmas sale and they are dangling from plastic shower curtain rings that I had in my craft box. I wrapped the rings with yarn as well. A couple spins and Jake will watch himself to sleep. 

Next to the crib is the rocking chair and Sammy's shelf. I bought that shelf a long time ago in Detroit and it's finally getting some use. It's seriously moved 4 times with me. On the shelf - Sammy's star certificate, his name in found objects done by my cousin, a piggy bank, Sammy's birth information plaque, and his moon urn. Oh - and an air freshener from William Sonoma that is divine.

I didn't think I wanted a rocking chair but this one turned up for free. It is also chalk painted. Having used a couple gliders at different places, I totally have rocker envy and hope to one day upgrade to a super comfy glider. 

This is the big wall. I thought I would use the daybed instead of a rocker. I have used it a few times for middle of the night feedings and we've had one family (including puppies) nap on it but really it just collects junk - as can be seen here. 

The window frame still needs something...not sure what yet. The two black frames are old t-shirts that I decided would be cuter on the wall than on me. I think I heard somewhere that 30 year olds shouldn't wear message t-shirts? Next to that is a collage of pictures from Jakes first few weeks. I had some chicken wire from a previous project and have used twisted paper clips to attach the pictures.

That's the room so far. Jake loves it ~ occasionally he will only quiet down when he is in his room. Could be the temperature, we keep the vent closed so it's a few degrees warmer, or maybe it's just his happy place.

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  1. So precious. I love it. And I must say, my current home has a deplorable lack of chicken wire in its decorating.