Monday, July 9, 2012

*two months*

*it was late in the day, all my smiles had been used up*
Jake is 2 months old! I don't remember what I wrote last month so I'm just gonna write what I know about him now and see what's changed *smile*.

*edited to add* not sure why/how but this is written from Jake's POV 

*I am 12lbs 15oz and 24 inches long. Mama says this puts me in the 90th percentile for both :-)

*I rode on an airplane to Minnesota to meet my Boppa, Papa D, Uncle Paul, Aunt Linda, Isabel, great Grandpa Scrabeck, great Grandpa & Grandma Miller, and a whole bunch of other family. I have now met all my grandparents and nearly all the greats. I was a champ on the airplane and I was a little fussy around all the new people.

*I have lost some of my hair on top of my head but the stuff on the side and on the back looks a little wavy!

*I can see much better! I had a great time watching Isabel run around at Nana's house. Mama caught me looking at the puppies too. Sometimes I watch mama or dad until they look at me and then I reward them with a smile! I found the mobile that hangs above my swing and spend some time each day studying it.

*Mornings are my favorite. Evenings are a close second.

*I can speed nurse in around 20 minutes - a big change from the hour it used to take me! I drink from a bottle even faster!

*I'm still wearing 0-3 month onesies and clothing. Diapers: size 1.

*Sometimes I like my paci, sometimes it offends me. This confused Isabel immensely.

*I spit up a lot. Every single time I'm in my car seat (which I really don't like).

*I still love all the carriers that mama puts me in. Being close to her, bundled up in a ball is my favorite.

*Mama's noticed I get fussy a couple hours after I eat. Usually because I'm ready for a nap, sometimes because I want to eat again.

*Every now and then I sleep in longer chunks and have long periods between feedings. The longest was 7 hours! I am *not* consistent.

*I am enjoying baths more and I really love showers.

I used to hang on for dear I can relax a little.

*While we were in Minnesota it became clear that I do favor my mama over strangers.

*On my two month day mama put me to bed in my crib. I love my room and I am happy almost every time I am in it. Sleeping in my crib is great!

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  1. I like getting to hear his voice. And I like his snazzy green diaper.