Friday, December 14, 2012

seven months

19lbs 7.5oz
27 1/4 inches

Loves: "da da da da" (not an official first word but his most favorite utterances lately. "ga" is right up there too), dad and mama, the pups, mama's milk, pureed mango, banana yogurt? even though it's cold?, going to bed at night, playing peek-a-boo, his stacking cups, baths, shoes, when daddy plays piano, when mama sings (she's silly), being tickled on the tummy or under the arms or on his chunky turkey thighs, those Varela girls, those Lawdermilk girls (there is a serious lack of little boys in our close circle of friends), his school friends and caregivers

Likes: the bumbo, squeezy pouch food, squash, sweet potatoes, banana, mum mum rice rusks, his fancy new tooth! bottom (his) left

Tolerates: being placed on his tummy - since he can roll onto his back whenever he's over it, avocado, getting lotion put on, the camera in his face 

FUSSES: if you take a straw away in a restaurant, after shots, cold milk/formula, cold food, when mama cleans his crusty morning nose, when mama wipes his face 

Excited to: meet his cousin Oakley! and see that crazy Isabel again, meet his daddy's sister and her family, see all the family and have a first Christmas, see snow!, start crawling

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  1. My goodness is he handsome! He looks a lot like you. A little mischievous.