Monday, July 11, 2011

numb again

9 months was a numb milestone. Other people pointed out to me that his time alive was now shorter than the time since he's been gone. It's been such a crazy year.

I put out Thursday's post and didn't think too deeply about it. Today I revisited it and see the conflict that I am facing. Love hurts but it is impossible to fully live without it. I wouldn't trade the love I have for Sammy for anything, even the absence of pain as milestones pass. I guess the love is greater than the pain it causes.

Isabel and I both have additions to announce, I'll have to get her mama to take a picture so I can show them all off. Today is my last day in Colorado! And then it's home to Lindsay having her baby! And packing...we're moving. Just across town but to a little bit bigger place.

I think we have 9ish people racing for Team Sammy! And no t-shirt put together yet *rolling eyes* Sometimes I am a slacker. But sometimes I finish 4 flour sack towels in a week. And sometimes I have a grateful attitude...

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