Sunday, June 19, 2011

this week - brain dump


I'm getting to spend some amazing time with my family and my sweetest niece ever. She was hypnotized by the beautiful baby on the computer screen...that same baby she sees in the mirror every time we check it out.

It's easier for me to not think about "what if"s when there are no babies around. Actually, I think the preplanning for having Iz and Sammy grow up together is what makes me think about what if. I didn't think about all the other babies in my life interacting with Sammy. Other babies don't *bother* me, well, as long as they don't have red hair...hmmm, ok, weird tangent over. Within moments of playing with Isabel and squeezing her chunky punky self I wondered how big Sammy would look next to her and how'd they would be interacting...what 2 infants at John and Lisa's wedding would have been like...please notice that my locket fell open at some point when we were taking pictures...right behind Isabel's shoulder you can see Sammy's hat and cheek :-)

The wedding was GORGEOUS. So beautiful. Lisa had my favorite wedding hair to-date (better than mine for sure) and it went with her dress pretty. Their vows were perfectly them as was most of the wedding. So happy to have another SIL. I wish I had remembered my camera, then I could have some pictures to show...Thursday night I got to meet up with an Internet friend, Lulu's mama K, who I have been emailing with since the week of Sammy and her births. (that sentence hurts my feelings but I'm too tired to fix it). I missed out on meeting Stevie's mama K, but hope to catch up with her while I'm in MN this week.

Started reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan today, loving it. It confirms lots of my thoughts lately so I am encouraged and compelled. I got to hang with some of my cousins today that I haven't had a chance to spend much time with in the last 5 years. I really do love my family.

Oh - and don't forget the donate button ------> over there. I've decided to start jogging (Monday - ha ha) and see how far I can jog this year, with the goal of making it the whole 5k next year. I've received 4 donations! So exciting. String of Pearls is a great organization..I'll add a tab soon with all the info in one place...

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  1. Isabella's a cutie... but I LOVE this pic of you! So happy!

    And I want to see grandma's pic of us if you ever get it.

    Love you and loved seeing you!