Saturday, June 11, 2011

no cards for that

*or the one where I ramble on and on about randomly connected events*

woo hoo - almost "summer". Yesterday was our last day with kiddos.

I have Dave's Father's Day gift already and while I was in CVS last night, in the card section, I started looking at cards. Thank goodness I had just had an ice cream cone (Creole Creamery) and was overloaded with caffeine. I was able to laugh and joke with my friend about the lack of Father's Day cards for situations like ours.

I felt my first not-Sammy kicks last night. I got to spend the evening with my friend Lindsay who's due in July and she sat long enough for him to get movin'. I haven't felt a lot of pregnant bellies in my life and last night was the first time I was able to recognize a kick for what it was, and compare it to my own experience. It was shocking to feel a kick with my hand and not in my belly. Poor baby (and Lindsay), apparently the fervency with which I poked my precious baby's cheeks is similar to how I poke around on a pregnant belly. Ha. Took me 8 months to put that together. I was all about poking Sammy, pre and post birth. *sigh*

I am excited to see Iz and the family next week! *smile* My bro John is getting married! I know my immediate family will be there and some extended family lives in the Chicago area so I'm assuming they will be there...can't wait to see everyone and celebrate.

Sammy's cabin is being built and will be used for an overnight camp next week! This has barely been on my radar but the closer I get to seeing it the more excited I get. My dad (and grandpa) volunteer at this little camp in south central Minnesota. It is definitely their labor of love. Sometime last year they decided to build some smaller cabins (sleeps 6 I think) and in the fall my dad started planning a Sammy memorial benefit to raise money for a cabin to be built in his honor. The benefit was in January and the cabins are almost done. I will get a chance to see it after the wedding.

Which reminds me, my SIL Linda (Iz's mom) sent an email about a 3k family walk/run that String of Pearls does every year. I have a few details to work out but I would loooove to do that and you might see some kind of button for donations or tracking donations on the side of this page soon. String of Pearls is a fantastic organization that sends packages to parents of babies that are faced with a fatal diagnosis. Mine was personalized - that's the kind of care they take. I'll talk more about them in another post soon. Check out their website!

I am so grateful to have family that continues to want to honor Sammy. Life has been a little crazy and Sammy has not been the only one vying for constant attention in my mind. Just when I am starting to feel bad about the nothing I doing to keep him in everyone's memory someone gets a great idea on how to honor him. I am blessed.

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  1. I'm glad you might do the event for String of Pearls. I had thought of contacting them when I was carrying Carleigh but never did. I thought maybe it was just a local thing but I realize now it isn't.