Tuesday, June 14, 2011

details *woo hooo!*

Oooooooooooooh my goodness. I received my first donation! *smilesmilesmile* I had no idea how happy that would make me feel. I am so excited to plan for this. Immediately after getting that email I started planning the extra special love I want to put on my t-shirt...

I also realized that in my excitement to announce I left out some important details. So here's my attempt to fill in some blanks, ask away if you have more questions.

All money donated here, 100%, will go directly to String of Pearls. I paying for my own entry fee and flight to Colorado (as well as any other expenses on the trip.) Superfluous detail - this year I will be walking but next year my goal is to run (with a smile for my stepdad who says runners are never smiling). Do runners eat brownies for breakfast? Opps.

The event is on Saturday July 30th in Parker, Colorado. I have no idea where that is but my SIL does so I'm trusting it's not far from Denver.

New Orleans - watch out...this girl is learning some things...getting ready to start doing some things...

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