Monday, June 20, 2011

pics and such

She's gorgeous. She looks like her mama :-)

Yesterday was Isabel's first Twins game and her dad's first Twins game at the new outdoor field. The weather was perfect and Isabel was too :-) Check out the new "page" tab at the top of the blog for more info on the Parker Family 5k/3k Run/Walk (this fits in this paragraph because Linda suggested the 5k in the first place).

My cousin Deshi asked awhile back what colors I would like in a special project that she was going to do for me...and this was it! So gorgeous! She took all the photo's for the "Samuel" - LOVE. And threw in the "Sammy" behind it - the verse.

love bears all things
love believes all things
love hopes all things
love endures all things
love never fails

Jesus - show me Your love that can do all these love seems more often to fail...

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