Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the ornament...

Here is the ornament that I finally had glazed in late November. Remember that I time I went into a pottery shop sobbing? Yeah. Of course it's Louisiana so they had a ceramic 'gator for me to paint and attach. Dave found the wonderful ornament display candle holder thingy and it's been on the mantel every since.

String of Pearls sent the ornament and blue paint in their kit. I wish I had thought to try and find a couple more of my own to hoard, or give to grandparents, whatever. This is extra precious because it's the only handprint we could get. Foot molds and foot prints, no problem, but my tough baby was not unfurling those fists for nothin'.

I am so thankful for the kit SoP sent. I gave my mom and SIL-Laura the instructions for everything and said "figure it out" because I wanted to focus on squishing and poking those cheeks. It's exciting to have the opportunity to support their organization while remembering and honoring my boy.

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  1. How special that ornament is! It def wasn't easy for us to get handprints. When we did the prints she was very stiff. I should've got more when she loosened up a little.