Sunday, October 31, 2010

chicken bingeing and other random points of interest

:-) I made my most favorite Creamy Chicken taquito's for lunch today. And last night Dave grilled some yummy bbq chicken. If I didn't know better I would say that I am bingeing on chicken these days.

Right now my main goal in life is to not nap. With a snoring husband across the room, football on tv, a chill in the air, and 2 sacked out pups it's a struggle. I think the quality of my night time sleeping is evening out now I just need adjust the timing. 1am is not the most convenient bedtime. Last night I was all wrapped up in a book that took about 200 pages to get interesting and then BAM! I was sucked in.

Most of our Sammy stuff is all sitting in one spot. I have casually looked for a box or little decorative like trunk to store everything in permanently but right now it's just out. On the corner of that table was sitting a beautiful colorful frame that my friend Jenny made and I finally got a picture of Sammy put in it.

Every time I walked from the front of the house to the back I walked by the table and would glance down at his picture. A couple times last week as I looked up into the mirror I was startled to see my baby boy's chin. I like that. I mentioned it to Dave and he said that every now and then he see's it too when he's looking at me. *smile*

My mom is taking this Nana thing very seriously. She called to tell me that when she went to her hair cut appointment she took some pictures of Sammy to show the hair stylist. *smile* I'm not sure which picture she saw but apparently the hair stylist said, "Oh, curly red hair!" In her *professional* opinion Sammy's hair was not only red, but also curly...what a fun thing to imagine.

*this was after his bath*

I got to share my Sammy book of pictures with one of the neighbors yesterday. I was outside planting flowers and he came out. Somehow Sammy came up and Jose asked if we got to spend any time with him. Shoot - yes, we did, wanna see pictures? He commented on how romantic our pregnancy photo's are from City Park, how Sammy just looked like he was sleeping and of course how big Sammy was. And then after handing the book back he started walking back to his house and said, while tapping his chest, "It just hurts my heart a little bit".

yeah. me too.


  1. Gotta love that Jose. He is a very tender, sensitive spirit and I'm glad you shared Sammy with him. And heck yeah, I'm taking this Nana stuff seriously! I LOVE to talk to people about Sammy, his Mama and his Daddy and about the day he was born. It makes my heart happy...until I get to part about not being able to squeeze him and love on him now. But I'm happy when I think of him running and playing in heaven and what a great welcoming crew he had there and all the babies he is there to welcome and bring to Jesus' lap. Sammy, I love you and I miss you - and yes, I really wanted to be your Nana here on earth for a long time. xx kisses to both you and your wonderful mama. **and "yay" for red, curly hair!!

  2. ohh meliss... it hurts my heart too. i'm totally tracking with your blog and praying with you from here in italia. just wanted you to know. love you so much. <3 lys

  3. My heart hurts for you too...but every time I look at the pictures of him, I get a big smile. And today Desirae (my 7 year old) was looking at his pictures and she said she hopes Rachel has chubby cheeks like him. Me too...and I wouldn't mind if she's flaunting a little of that red hair either! What a handsome boy he was. I hadn't seen that picture of his hair yet. That's really unbelievable...and that is another hairdresser's opinion :o) Your mom is awesome by the way...must be why you're such a good mom. thinking of you daily, Stacy