Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh boy - here we go!

Our induction date was moved up to October 7th - technically we'll go in on the 6th and start with some a more natural, gentle induction and should that not get everything going then, they'll start the pitocin on Thursday morning at like 6am or something. My Mom and Duane got here last night at midnight and we spent the day running errands and napping :-)

Someone will be sending out updates as things progress...either Dave or our friend Donna. I know I'm always curious about how things are going when people are in the process of labor and delivery :-) I gotta admit, I'm pretty focused on the labor process right now. If you could join us in prayer, here's a quick list of prayer requests...

  • traveling mercies as Sharonne & Laura drive down, leaving MI at 4am Tuesday the 5th and arriving here 18-20 hours later (they are an hour away as of this post - so far so good!)
  • for my body to progress enough that the gentle induction methods will be enough to get things going Wednesday evening
  • for a peaceful labor process...
  • of course for Sammy's healing!
  • 2nd best case scenario - we don't have to break my bag of waters and it helps protect his head through the birth process...which seems like an impossibility in all the reading I've done so that would be a HUGE answer to prayer...
  • for some time with Sammy
Our church does a prayer and worship service on Wednesday nights so the tentative plan is to head straight to the hospital from that service. I feel that will be an amazingly peaceful way to begin it all.


  1. We are praying! Thank you for the specific prayer requests. The Lord will be by your side and be encouraged that many people will be lifting you, Sammy, Dave, and family up in prayer!

  2. I am praying for you and Sammy! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Dear melissa,
    I Found your Blog only a week ago and I want to Tell you, that we will Indizes you andsammy and of course your whole Family in our prayers. We are a family from Germany expecting our Little Girl Valentina, who also has Anencephaly. She is due on January 3...
    I pray especially that you may have a Little Time together with sammy and that labor will Be peaceful.
    May it Be a blessed Time for you and your Family,
    Lot's of Love,

  4. Dear Melissa,

    I am the sister of Ikomami and it´s not easy to find some words.

    I wish you very much strength and love these days.

    Jesus said to them, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’ And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

    Sammy is so specially blessed.

    Thinking of you, in Berlin (Germany).

  5. dear melissa!
    your sammy is already a gift and a blessing for the world through the great testemony of love in his parents!
    connected in prayers- the LIGHT OF THE WORLD be with you NOW!
    maria-inez and family (aunt of ikomami)from germany

  6. Melissa,

    Jeff and I send you and Dave MUCH love and prayers. We are commited to praying for you throughout today and tomorrow. You are both so very special and Sammy is truly blessed to have parents such as you and Dave.

    All our love, Jeff and Dana

  7. Love you, sister. Hope you had a relaxed birthday and that you're enjoying the day before you meet your little man. I'll be praying even as I'm getting my teeth drilled tomorrow. And don't feel any pressure to think of me ;) ... unless of course it helps you to relax during your contractions. Someday we'll have coffee together and you can tell me everything that you would if it were night time in the pink room and you were ready to process. Prayers and hugs for you, Dave, and Sammy.

  8. Praying for you Melissa as you prepare to meet your precious son! I pray too for an all-consuming peace to fill your presence as you spend special moments with Sammy. Big hugs from a fellow ABFA mommy who has been where you are!

    Kara - Karinne's mommy - 5/10/2010

  9. Melissa,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sammy has a wonderful mother and father. I work with your mom (Grandma Michelle), she is so VERY, VERY, proud of you! I know Sammy is feeling the love surrounding him. Susie

  10. Absolutely Praying in every way for you. I was just thinking of you as I was traveling today!! You have been such an amazing Mommy to Sammy, just know that. I am praying you will have the exact amount of time with him that is right!!! I am praying that your heart and mind would be prepared for your sweet boy and that you would havev such precious, life long memories made in the moments in labor and when you hold your little guy!!! I am praying for a labor that is not short/nor long...but just the right length to make you feel comfortable with his coming....

    Mine was long, but just perfect in the end, so as you progress, just know that you have each moment set before you by our father. When you think you can't make it through (as you give him away), just know that you have already handed him to the Lord and he is carrying you just as he carries him.

    PRAYING. Wish there was more I could do. I'm here ALL THE TIME through email if you ever want to process through what you're feeling. I've been there. Three weeks ago, to be exact :) Love to you, thinking of you always!!!