Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please pray for Ella & family

Hey all,

Back in July when we finally contacted Sara, the local Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep coordinator, she told us she would be honored to take photo's for us and hey, one of her best friends just found out her baby has anencephaly, check out her blog!

And so I was introduced to Courtney and sweet Ella. Through Courtney's blog I found the blog of a fellow teacher who was also carrying her baby with anencephaly, going to school every day and at some point having to explain to the parents of her students that her baby wouldn't be coming home from the hospital with her (I have yet to figure out how to tell parents that). Meet Brooke and Briar. It is/was amazing being able to talk with other pregnant women about our hopes, struggles, and fears. It is SOOOOOO comforting to go visit a blog and see that someone else seems to have typed what you are feeling and feels the same thing! Briar was due in November, born in September because Brooke accumulated too much fluid. She shares her birthday with her precious son (another thing we *almost* had in common, Sammy and I have birthday's 2 days apart).

Courtney posted last night that her amniotic fluid has also accumulated and she is going in to the doctor today to find out what that means for her and Ella. It could mean an induction date, it could mean they draw out some of the fluid, or ?? She is only 32 weeks.

So say a quick prayer for Courtney and her family. For peace as a decision is made or not. For her safety and health as too much fluid can be dangerous for mama. I know they would welcome a miracle as well.

And also thank you, once again, Sara for sharing your friends with us.


  1. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have met you! Your blog and our emails just make me feel as though I'm not a total crazy for walking through this journey the way I am. Thanks for knowing how to speak love to me, and for praying for me. I pray for you and Sammy and Dave all the time...and think about you even more. I know we will meet someday and it will feel like we're lifelong friends! Just another blessing that came from our boys!

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