Monday, October 25, 2010

if you give a mouse a cookie...

Today I feel antsy. I couldn't drag myself out of bed at 7am to go on a walk with Dave so Mose went while Stella and I stayed home to sleep. When I finally woke up I decided to do some yoga after my berry colossal crunch and coffee. Since I have a yellow dog that loves to shed I had to vacuum before I could go all yoga on the rug. And then I saw this and had to get a scissors and fix it.

<--- look at those hangy strings!

<---- Now they are gone. Mose in this picture represents how interesting it is when I sit/lay/try to exercise on the floor...I hope it adds a level of difficulty to the ab workout when I giggle as Stella randomly licks and attacks me.

<--- Here's the not so impressive pile of would have been twice this size if Stella hadn't eaten the first half.

Other exciting antsy activities for today? I mean, besides photographing my carpet's string cut? Yoga, Bootylicious Buns 3 workout On Demand, organizing my jewelry box and Dave's socks and undies drawer. Little did I know his way of putting clothes away at some point evolved into just stuffing things in random drawers. I found socks in 3 different drawers, including the one I had to wrestle open.

I'm gonna eat some lunch now and read a book...have I ever mentioned my dogs here? We have two - Mose, the Dorkie (dachshund/yokie) and Stella, a chihuahua/yorkie/terrier mix. They are champion cuddlers with lots of personality.

And last random tidbit for the day. We've found two shows that without fail make me laugh. We're talking laughing through my sad tears as I read or write is The Office, specifically season 5. And last was super old reruns of Cops on TruTV. I generally can't *stand* Cops but it was hilarious last night. I've taken some great notes on what NOT to say if I ever get pulled over.

10 points to anyone who gets the context for the title...


  1. The office is our favorite show. Makes us laugh and laugh....we own all the seasons :)

  2. I'm really stumped on the title contest...but I'd love to get 10 points. :o) Does it have something to do with milk?

    By the way, I'm impressed that you're already working out! You're a hard working Mama!
    love, Stacy

  3. I know the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" that it? Or something more about the book?

  4. I know when you decide to give a mouse a cookie is when you start at one spot and then think about what will happen next if you do "something" and then what will happen after that and so you randomly move through your thoughts until you decide that maybe the mouse doesn't really need a cookie afterall.

  5. just caught up with the blogs and am amazed at the gift you have of sharing. I know these have been a blessing to others as it has been to me. LOVE YOU GUYS