Saturday, October 9, 2010

my lil chunk

I promise one day I will write out the story of labor and delivery.
Today is not that day and I'm not sure tomorrow will be either.

It was a wonderful day that culminated with finally meeting the precious baby boy that had been beating me up from the inside for the last 20ish weeks.
He is my little chunk.
It occurred to me last night I was probably correct
in saying he was reminding me to eat
every couple hours.

*taken by our Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photographer - Sara*
*this is the screen saver on Dave's phone, my phone, and my mom's phone*

*photo taken by Brenna Larson*

*photo taken by Brenna Larson*
*Dave putting a diaper on his son.*
*Look at those legs! LOVE.*


  1. I love the middle pic, Melissa. I'd put that one in a frame.

  2. I love them ALL! So sweet. So glad you have them!

  3. Beautiful...I cried the whole way home and prayed that Brenna would be able to come back up there. Looks like our God supplied the need! <3 Brenna, if you read this blog, PLEASE contact me ( I'd love to at least share with you a little more about have a God-given talent and maybe you'd at least consider a new ministry using it!

    What a beautiful boy Sammy was...I'll always have his sweet little face in my heart!

  4. I LOVE those chunky legs. I wish I could have met him and gave him a squish! I can not believe he was so big! I agree he must have been making you hungry : ) I love his cheeks, chin, lips, and his little nose. Very cute! I also love the hand photo. What a perfect little hand.

    I hope you are getting some rest. We are still thinking and praying for you and the whole family. Love Deshi