Friday, November 19, 2010

Speak now...

or forever be a mystery :-) We have received 2 gifts in the last couple weeks with no card or mention of who they were from. I love love love them and yesterday's necklace was wonderfully timed. I had my 6 week postpartum doctor visit yesterday on Sammy's 6 week Thursday. In case you're wondering, over the course of a day you can, in fact, cry off waterproof mascara. But of course I received a couple of encouragement emails and then another wonderful necklace to help lighten my burden.

I have kept pretty busy cramming everything I needed to do in the previous 5 weeks into this one week *smile*. My eyes, teeth, and lady parts are all checked out and healthy. Dave is jealous as his tooth ordeal from this summer just got resolved yesterday and he has had glasses since his elementary school days. I am still pleasantly surprised when I get through an exam and they say "everything looks good". Really? It's still 2010, ya'll don't have to start with good news for like 42 more days. And yet, I think I deserve good news, 1 defective baby is enough drama for one year. Just sayin'.

I took Sammy's foot/hand print Christmas tree ornament in to the pottery painting place to get glazed and fired yesterday. Lord bless that lady's heart. I walked in sobbing but I wanted to get it done before Christmas and before I go back to school. Yesterday I was the unapologetically sad and crazy lady. Thank goodness she kind of understood and no one else was there.

I had about 50 blog thoughts yesterday. I think I will start a list of suggestions for families walking this path...I wish we had made more than 1 ornament! It was a miracle they got one of Sammy's handprints (his fists were clenched) but I wish I could give my mom at least a footprint ornament for Christmas. The pottery place I went to sells the balls so I'm assuming most pottery places sell them. This is not one of the details I cared about at all until yesterday...too late...

Ok. Off to bake something and pack for Michigan!


  1. Love them both!
    That necklace is amazing!

  2. Congratulations for your niece! She probably will always make you think EVEN MORE of Sweet Sammy, because of their similar age. Perhaps it is a consolation to see little Isabel, but perhaps it gives your soul a little hurt sometimes? Or am I wrong? I don´t know.

    I send you my best wishes. I wish you love and strength. I admire your TRUSTING in GOD. Thank you for sharing that!!!

    I am looking forward to read your list - It could help so many mothers and fathers walking the same path.

    And for aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends it could be very helpful, too...

    Auntie Lolo from Germany
    (niece Valentina will be born in January)

  3. I am pretty sure I cried when I went to the pottery place too!! Brandon went to pick it up and she gave it to him for free, because I think she felt so bad for me. They even wrote his name for me...because I was too nervous I would mess it up. Now it is sitting in a safe place. I'm nervous to put it on the tree...what if it breaks??? :) Crazy least we are together! Hoping you have an amazing Turkey Day!!!