Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Good morning!

I found out who the mystery gifts were from :-) Thank you ladies of Alden, I'll post the frame again when it gets a picture and a final spot in the house.

I really popped in to ask for prayers of endurance for my bro Paul, SIL Linda, and soon to be born niece Isabel. Linda started laboring last night and went to the hospital early early this morning. It's been over 12 hours of labor now with contractions every 3-4 minutes since at least 1:30am. It still amazes me how much work it is to just manage the pain of contractions.

I'll write more soon, we're in Michigan with Dave's family and so far it's been great. Not too cold! We got to stay with friends on Saturday night and visit our old church on Sunday...I made my first pie last night for us to take on a visit with family I used to nanny for. Catching up is great and the pie didn't hurt anyone's feelings either. *smile*


  1. Safe travels.
    Thinking of you and of pie. yum.

  2. boy, you sound like a baker...you're always making something yummy - Dave is a lucky guy! Glad the trip is going well. Praying for your family. love, Stacy

  3. Oh man, you were a nanny too? How fun! That was my favorite job, and I love the family so much..still! I hope you are doing well, and doing okay with the new baby. I think the Lord somehow always gives us the perfect strength we need in every situation.