Sunday, November 7, 2010

checkin' in

It has been a busy weekend!

We went out for supper with some friends Friday evening for the first time since Sammy was born. I didn't even realize until today that it was the first time in about 10 months that I sat and watched everyone else eat appetizers while I waited for an entree. Seriously, for months I walked into a restaurant knowing the beverage and appetizer I was going to order and dared any waiter to look me in the eye without taking my order. Funny what changes when you are no longer growing a human inside you.

Saturday I attempted to make eggs benedict for Lindsay's pre-bday shopping extravaganza. After an initial poached egg FAIL we were able to successfully poach some eggs...but whew - that's about all that worked. I swear I was successful at eggs benedict last time. As stated, the rest of the day was spent shopping where I spent $0 and Lindsay found almost everything that she had on her list...including some sweet dance moves courtesy of Hillari, myself, and an impromptu Express back room dance party. So to recap: eggs benedict 1, Lindsay 1, Express dominated by melissa & hillari.

Tis' the season for b-days tomorrow. HBD Isaac & Lindsay! We grilled for Isaac today and hung out. Tomorrow is Lindsay's official bday rock-n-bowl celebration. I wish I could accurately describe the wonder that is New Orleans Rock-n-Bowl...should be a great night!

In all my spare time this weekend I have been contemplating happiness vs joy vs contentment. You know, nothing much. Because I'm not working or looking at calendars I hadn't put together that today was the 7th, one month since Sammy was born. A few other people were on top of this and reminded me. I've been busy but honestly at this point I'm still counting Thursdays...I guess time will probably necessitate the eventual transition to counting months instead of weeks. *sigh*

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