Monday, November 15, 2010

i spy...

auuugh - I did it. I bought the ceramic chicken.

Dave wants me to tell you to ignore the basket of mail. I say, this is mantel's organization is a vast improvement over the previous 20 months. From left to right: Sammy on a wire frame from Anthropologie (LOVE!), tall candle holder waiting for the perfect purple candle, el pollo, Sammy's star registry, fun frame with picture from our wedding night hotel room over looking the Detroit River, empty frame that Dave consistently asks about, fun clearance clock, and a bright blue vase sans flowers. This is our kitchen mantel so the chicken totally makes sense.

I promise I walked away from the chicken once. I took the picture and thought "ha, I would never". Then I returned to that row in Marshalls for some reason and picked it up quickly as I made my way to the register. I also promise it only cost $5. And I really don't intend to purchase *any more* chickens. But this one made me giggle and had a certain charm.


  1. I love it! I'm glad you got it for yourself. It goes really well on the mantle with the other sentimental pieces.

  2. I love the chicken! I also really like the empty frame...

    I think Sammy's mom has a bit of interior designer in her. :)

  3. i stand corrected. i thought i knew you.