Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've met with two of my students parents this week and both were shocked when I mentioned maternity leave. Really?

Seems obvious to me!
31 weeks 3 days

(please ignore the half made bed that doesn't match the curtains)


  1. definitely a baby in there :) You look really cute. Some people are well... a tad weird or maybe they had a bad experience asking if someone was prego & they weren't. I guess you never know.

  2. oh I meant that last part to be funny, but when I read it, it wasn't funny. I kind of hate how voice inflection can not be heard through the written word... I hope tomorrow is a good day!

  3. Eh...Im 3.5 years post-partum, and I still look like that. *giggle* (You definately have a baby bump. I wouldn't act surprised!)

  4. You look mahvelous! I wouldn't give the unmatched bed cover and window cover a second thought. No one else will, believe me! Have a good day, dear. You're never far from our thoughts and prayers ~