Wednesday, July 28, 2010

twinkle, twinkle

Last Friday I arrived home to find two large, thin boxes inside our gate. Dave's new hobby involves some sending and sometimes receiving mail so I grabbed up the boxes and headed inside. I then noticed that they the boxes were addressed to both of us. So I opened them. :-)

My future sister-in-law's mother had a star named for Sammy. It was the first time I saw the name "Samuel Lucido" in print, on a framed certificate about the star and on a small wallet sized card for us to carry. It's so permanent. I teared up and soaked up the sight of his name.

It could not have been a more perfect gift. I told Dave there was a surprise waiting for him at home and he had the same reaction. As we stood looking at it, I noticed that the framed certificate was dated July 21. Our anniversary. I haven't asked if Joanne planned that when she requested a star be named for Sammy. Either way I think it's amazing.

I just love how intentional God is. Sometimes I think we're too busy to see it or just not trusting that the Lord would care about the details...I'm still working through why I chose to stress and run in a big circle to find this great doctor right under my nose but I think that can be part of missing God's intentionality. I mean, I started this pregnancy with Dr. M, switched to Dr. W when I wasn't comfortable with Dr. M, and then forced to "find" another doctor when Dr. W quit delivering babies. Would I have ended up with Dr. v if I had stuck with Dr. M?

At the point I decided on Dr. v I was praying for direction and had asked all of you to pray with me for clarity and direction. Getting in touch with the 3rd or 4th doctor since starting the search, I was finally given some solid advice and trusted that it was an answer to prayer so Dr. v we chose. I was still uneasy heading into the appointment but it obviously turned great.

I guess what I'm taking from all this today is that when I pray and am seeking an answer, I will be given one. Deep? Not so much. But a reminder that I needed.

I do think having the certificate dated July 21 is just one of those bonus "I love you's" from the Lord. Whether or not Joanne planned it.

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