Wednesday, July 7, 2010

back to work...

I started work yesterday! Crazy. I know I can't really fuss or complain when most people have to work year round, but for teachers, July 6th is reaaalllly early. We had to start this early because we are a brand new school (not the building though) with brand new staff and administration. We are spending lots of time getting aligned to our leaders mission and ideals and eventually planning out what we expect our school to look like. So far it's been great. We have shorter days this week and are easing into the full day schedule.

It looks like I might have another option for a midwife. Wendy called me back today and left a message that her midwife friend was willing to take us but she wanted to check first with her back up doctor. So could you all pray with me for discernment on who to choose? If I can feel good about one or the other, I would hope it to be before Monday's appointment where we will be having another potentially-expensive-to-us ultrasound...I just don't know if insurance will pay for 3 expensive u/s in 8 weeks. I understand why the dr wants one, but I don't know if the insurance company will understand (or care).

I really wish there was a "doctor game" game know, like the dating game? Based on their answers I could choose my doctor from a panel of qualified doctors. *sigh*

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