Thursday, July 1, 2010

P&S #11

Tuesday ended much better than it started. Thanks for keeping us surrounded with prayers!

Old hospital system - I've always liked one of the nurses in my doctors office and she really pulled through once again. I gotta figure out a meaningful way to thank her. She called me a couple times Monday and then again Tuesday to reassure me there is in fact a doctor in their office that will take over my and Sammy's care. This was after she asked why I was having records sent to the *other* hospital system and I think I responded rationally, obviously a bit emotionally too though, with my overall frustrations about my experiences.

I feel like there was some miscommunication between the staff that resulted in miscommunication with me and led to all this craziness. I don't know why it had to go like this. But it was good to know someone would take care of me and Sammy.

New hospital system - As I sat in the middle of a pedicure yesterday I found myself explaining my understanding of the situation to a nurse at the new doctor's office. "I will mostly likely carry to term, but my baby will...die...soon after birth. Or he won't make it to term." Unreal. I guess there was confusion about why I was sending records (interoffice miscommunication at the new office) and what I was expecting to gain from meeting with a new doctor. So I tried to nicely explain why I had a second opinion in Minnesota and why I was trying to switch doctors at this point. I guess I didn't sound too crazy so we have an appointment on July 12th with a new doctor.

This office has 4 doctors and 2 nurses. Nurse Connie said I would probably see all 4 doctors at some point so that I would be familiar with whomever was working when I go into labor. Sounds good to me if they can all handle this situation. We're going to this appointment with a list of questions that should give us a good idea if they will be any better prepared for us.

Specific prayer requests:

- always for a miracle healing for Sammy

- that the new doctors will be prepared for and sensitive to us and our baby

- I really do want a vaginal birth if at all possible (it'll depend on Sammy's position at that time) so let's start praying that he's breech - the best position for anencephalic babies.

- let's pray that if the new doctors don't have a system set in place for birth's like ours, that they will be open to our *demands* :-) I have a birth plan in the works, which seems high maintenance to me (I don't like feeling high maintenance), but also feels needed.

- I often thank the Lord for His help this far, let's make sure to bless and praise His name for His caring and attention to all the details

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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