Thursday, September 2, 2010


So there have been some changes this week that I wanted to make note of...

1st - things are getting done. :-) I've been talking about starting a list of things to get done before Sammy's born since at least May and it has finally been started. At work I've had a list of things to do since the first week of school and it was started and completed on Monday. Looks like someone might be nesting...

2nd - my appetite has completely changed. On Tuesday we had our August birthday celebration at work and 2 cakes were provided - one short cake with fruit and the other was chocolate with chocolate frosting (yu----um). But it looked too sweet, I couldn't have any. What?!?! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is my FAV. And my peanut butter and jelly was too sweet too. I had yogurt and pickle chips for lunch that day. ???

3rd - my need for sleep has *increased* AND I'm sleeping harder and better. well, better with the addition of a pillow under my upper torso...added to the pillow for my head and my body pillow. In a perfect world there would be one more pillow behind my back but I'm waiting until absolutely necessary to add that one. :-)

Had a doctor appointment today and seems like my body is getting ready. Cervix is softening, and something something something at 60%. Which kinda means nothing since there are about 100 different ways women start the labor process...but I like to think it's better than nothing!

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