Friday, September 10, 2010

week 37

It's been a great week. One in which I daily felt much love for my job...even when my feet were at their puffiest and it took extra long to get up from sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor with the kids. I love my school, my coworkers, and my class. This is probably an answer to one of Dave's biggest prayers in the last three years.

And kinda funny that I look back at this week as being great. More than once I was kept awake for a few hours with restless legs...and both Dave and I have been battling some kind of cold/sickness. Dave had to stay home from work one day and I just had to struggle through work with a stuffy head and sore throat. Sleeping was not great anyway. Oh yeah, and there is this baby moving around in there at all hours, taking turns with Braxton Hicks at making me uncomfortable (not that I'm complaining!).

Today I called on ya'lls prayers...the sub who will be in my class while I'm out sent home a letter today with her contact information stating she would be the class contact after September 24th. I asked her to remind the students to tell their parents about the letter but she kinda told the students about the letter so they had TONS of questions when I stepped back into the room about when I was leaving, how long I would be gone, and of course, lots of questions about the baby.

student 1: "When are you leaving?"
me: "in two weeks, he should be coming out of my tummy when we have our fall break."

student 2: "will you bring him to school?"
me: "probably not." thinking *don't cry, don't cry, don't cry*

student 3: "I will miss you when you're gone."
me: "I'll miss you all like crazy too."

student 4: "I wonder what he'll look like."
me: "me, too."

student 5: "it's a boy right?"
me: "yup"

student 6: "what's his name?"
me: "I'm so glad you asked, his name is Sammy."

students: "Sam I am!! awwaw!"
me: "yes, kinda like Sam from the book Green Eggs and Ham."

student 7: "last year, when I was in kindergarten with her, and her, and her, we read this book about this little boy...and there was a hat? And they was trying to get the little boy to eggs? and ham? His name was Sam."
me: "mmhmmm."

student 8: "when he's in first grade will he go to school here?"
me: getting overwhelmed "I don't know"
sub: noticing overwhelming questions, knows I was trying to avoid this

student 9: "will he be a car rider or a bus rider?"
me: "do babies ride schools buses?"

students: "noooooo"

sub: "ok, now I want everyone to think about their favorite part...."

Yikes. I was not ready for that barrage of questions with answers that I don't like.

Guess I should have seen it coming when earlier this week my 'lil bit of a student who says "good bye baby" to my belly occasionally, walked up, patted my belly and asked how the baby was going to get out of my tummy. :-) My response "I don't know - what do you think?" Thankfully, she didn't know either and wasn't concerned that I didn't know.

Dr appointment went well this week. Belly grew 2 centimeters and we gained 2 lbs. My body's making a little progress towards being ready to deliver but nothing drastic. Later that day I met with Wendy and the fill-in doula Heidi. Dave was sick that day so it was just us ladies. I really don't know how (or why) anyone would do labor without a doula and I'm glad the Lord provided these 2 ladies to be a part of our journey.

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  1. I was able to have my baby boy yesterday. He is so sweet and I just loved meeting him. It was very hard, but so, so wonderful. Praying for the rest of your journey!