Saturday, September 25, 2010

some of my fav's

I am afraid that New Orleans is invading my soul.

I felt comfortable last night in leggings and long sleeves and it was 83 degrees. And I'm 9 months pregnant. And I had just eaten some spicy Thai food. I am starting to fear winter in the North.

And I am currently in love with the "southernness" of these photos. Some how Sammy and alligators just go together in my mind. We've got clothes, hats and a blanket and a couple weeks ago I came across a great stuffed alligator when I was shopping for clothes for these photos. Sammy will always be our swamp baby.

*no "south" in this photo just love the color play*

*love Dave's smile in this one and Sammy's profile*
*and the Spanish moss hanging from the tree*

*again with the moss*
*missing real shoes these days*

all creatures of our God and King
lift up your voice and with us sing
alleluia! alleluia!

let all things their Creator bless
and worship him in humbleness
oh praise Him! alleluia!
praise, praise the Father, praise the Son
and praise the Spirit, three in one!


  1. That really is an amazing place for pictures.

    A friend of mine once described New Orleans as a fungus. It's kinda dirty, but once it gets on you, you can't get it off. :) Glad to hear it's having a similar effect on you.

  2. You look beautiful! Praying for you as time to meeting Sammy approaches.

  3. Beautiful Dave and Melissa!! Breathtaking!
    Praying for you guys this week!