Thursday, September 30, 2010


As much as I've informed Sammy that his birthstone *could be* blue (sapphire) he seems to insist on wanting the pink (tourmaline) and being born in October. He'll share it with a bunch of family including me, my mother in law, a couple cousins and my Grandpa. I have big plans for the weekend (that should yield photographic evidence).

One of the things I'm most grateful for, since he decided to hang out for a while, is the gorgeous New Orleans fall weather that arrived. Usually we don't see this kind of beauty until November. Outside is tolerable and pleasant! Highs this weekend in the 70's! Cafe Du Monde is calling my name so the timing is perfect.

I'm anxiously awaiting confirmation of when my mom and stepdad are coming down. Since sleep at night is becoming more difficult and I'm requiring more naps during the day it looks like I'll probably stay off work next week. Dave mentioned that he'd feel better if my mom was here before a hurried call to come and what do you know? I barely had to twist her arm about coming a few days before the Oct 11 induction date. After my weekly dr appointment this morning, where the dr declared me unchanged w/ no progress, it looks like the 11th will be the day and they will be making travel plans tonight.

Sammy's been hitting me with some food cravings lately. There are still a few things I can't eat but the change is really that there are foods that I *want* to eat. I overheard Dave on the phone with his parents a week ago "yeah, she's right here, but she's cooking so I don't wanna spook her and make it stop". I'm grateful for a patient husband who went from having a wife that loved cooking all weekend to one that hasn't touched the spice shelf in at least 8 months (but closer to 9).

On one of my middle of the night journey's to the bathroom I was struck with the desire for homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm talking I went from a half asleep stupor to a wide awake quick mind check of the list of ingredients I'd need. We were out of butter so it took a couple days for that to fully take hold but yu-um, I'm glad I had the foresight to give half of them away immediately. I could also probably eat Thai for every meal. Unfortunately it's kind of expensive around here so I've only had it once but have already claimed it as my birthday dinner of choice.

Yesterday I was explaining to someone how I can feel Sammy roll around and how his feet jab my ribs on the right side and as I pushed the left side of my belly (where I determined his booty to be) Sammy responded with a quick kick to my right side. So that's our new game. Push and poke the baby through my belly 'til he gets fired up enough to kick back. We'd have been great parents I'm sure *wink* Dave said "this is funny because we'd never push/poke at a baby like this." I responded with "eh, he's protected by all the fluid."

Happy 40 weeks Sammy baby! Feel free to come out and meet us anytime :-)


  1. Happy 40 weeks Sammy!! I know how uncomfortable I am already I couldn't imagine having to go two weeks over! Although I am sure the extra time with him will be a blessing. I am glad your parents are coming out early and that's one less thing you will have to worry about. I am thinking about you and praying for you!!

  2. You know October could be the opal doesnt have to be pink, LOL! I've always chosen to use opal, since I hate pink with a passion. When is your birthday? Mine's the 30th, and my son's is the 9th!

    Melissa, there is no "would have been" about it. :) You've gone out of your way to make Sammy's life here on Earth comfortable, meaningful, cherished, and you have researched and carefully thought out each decision you make. You ARE great parents.