Monday, September 6, 2010

warm fuzzies

every time I think of this I smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Our *fantastic* doula, Wendy, just so happens to be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary in a couple weeks. Part of the celebration will take them out of town so she started looking for someone who would be available to cover while she is unavailable.

She called a friend who is unavailable but her friend went on the look out for someone too. So finally they found someone who was available. Wendy called her (let's call her H for now) to fill her in on our situation and just have an initial conversation with her.

Wendy begins telling her our story...

H: "Do they go to All Nations Fellowship?"

Wendy: "yes, they do."

H: "Oh. I've been praying for them!"


Really? Turns out H works with someone (I have yet to find out who) that goes to our church, heard our story, and has been praying. We should be meeting with her this week to get familiar with her if she ends up being the doula at Sammy's birth.

I mean, New Orleans is a small city for sure, but I still love how the Lord is in the details. And to hear about another person who's praying that we don't even know? *warm fuzzy*


  1. Melissa,just want you to know that we are praying for you, Dave & your sweet Sammy! I landed on your blog from FB. But, went to high school with Dave. I know God has great things in store for your family and admire your strength/desire to trust Him in every detail...even the doula that God had pre-chosen just for you!! :)

  2. It's so amazing how God works on our behalf!!! I love hearing how God is putting your details in place...That alone brings an extra dose of comfort! Love you Melissa!

  3. Constantly praying for you!! God is good and will be right with you each step of the way as He has been this whole pregnancy!! He loves you and loves Sammy so much!! Praying for Dave to be comforted as well as we know how difficult this will be one him also!!

    Love you guys so much!!