Sunday, December 26, 2010

sugar and spice and everything nice...

...that's what isabel renee is made of...

look! i can hold a baby without exploding!
although a couple times her striped socks and polka dot pantsed bottom almost did the trick...

We just said good bye to my sister in law Linda and my sweet niece Isabel (more often referred to as punky or isabelly) so my hands should be a little more free to blog and such. It's been a good week full of memory making and not without a bunch of sad moments. I realized today that more than anything else Isabel was a distraction for me. We talked about Sammy a bit but I don't think anyone wanted to talk about how it could have been...

Most ironic moment of the week? Walking around Hobby Lobby with a sleeping infant. Made me feel like some kind of emotional progress must have been made (remember the infants stalking me at Michaels?). And then we went to Ikea today and every pregnant woman, every infant, and every family made me mad/sad. Even the grown children exasperatedly shopping with their parents made me mad. *shrug* just one of those days I guess.

Carolyn from MN totally got it, Mom and Duane made the most delicious lefse and finally convinced Dave and Linda, the out of towners, that it is a legitimate holiday treat. More pictures to come for those of you who are curious about this southern MN tradition.


  1. Well Isabel sure is a cutie...and I totally get those feelings. I wouldlove to know what a lefse mom is from Winona, MN...but she doesn't know! haha! Happy Monday...I think you're out of work this week too, right!? Enjoy it!!

  2. Cute pics.
    Tough holiday.
    Congrats on the Hobby Lobby trip.
    Small victories my friend!

    Did you end up doing the frames?
    Can't wait to see more pics.

    Big hugs!

  3. It's such bittersweet joy and sorrow to hold that beautiful niece - and good but hard not to think of the "might have been's".

    Love Lefse!! My husband's family is Norwegian and from North Dakota. Didn't get to have any this year though. =(