Thursday, December 30, 2010

more crafty crafts

Neither my mom or I could find the perfect Sammy Christmas ornament so after our family's celebrations were over I threw out the idea of us making some ornaments. I am admittedly obsessed with felt so we went looking online for felt patterns and ideas that we could use to start my mom's grandchild Christmas tree ornament collection. I figure it'll be easiest for her to have a tree that kiddo's can touch and decorate...except for the tiny buttons these should be pretty child safe :-) Lucky first babies get all the love, Lord only knows what kind of craziness our next Christmas together will hold (we do every other year with my family so 2012 is our next time together).

My sis-in-law Linda made the owls. She decided they could represent Isabel on the Christmas tree since alligators and stars will be Sammy's rep.

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