Monday, January 31, 2011

the most genuine smile I've had for about a month...

Oh my goodness! I knew it would come on a day when I needed it. And here it is. My 7th necklace in honor of my Sammy. I seriously opened, took a picture, and am posting it here. AHHH!

The front "love" was predecided for me. My friend who sent it (mama to Lulu born in October with anencephaly) let me choose what to put on the back. I have no idea how long I thought about it but soon realized it needed to be the word "is".

Because love is. It just is. Even when it seems like there is not a shred of love to be found on this earth - it is. Because God is. Because Jesus is. They are love. They are MY love. And so love is.

I might never take this one off.

I was having another "how am I going to keep on going? why am I going to keep on going?" moments. And then I got home and received my 7th piece of love from Jesus via his peeps here on earth.

ya'll just don't understand. I mean, I hope you do. I hope you get to feel and know the Lord's love the way He so perfectly times it to pour over me.

Album of the moment? "Here is Love" by Bethel Live. Amazing. Loved it and then found out the title. It's a theme I can't escape these days.



  1. Oh, I just adore the necklace!!! So glad it came at just the right time. God's timing is always PERFECT!

  2. You sure do have a pretty smile! I love the necklace, what a beautiful gift...I'm thanking God for His amazing love & grace right now - He is so good!

  3. I love seeing the diff necklaces you get!!

  4. Love the smile on your face and the necklace. God continue to heal you and give you His grace.
    His faithfulness is new every morning!

  5. Haven't heard from you for awhile. Was just thinking of you and wanted to check in. And tell you how much I love your sweet Sammy's amazing CHEEKS!!! Hope you're doing okay and are resting in God's love.