Tuesday, January 18, 2011

last year...

this day, one year ago, I woke up and found out a short 10 minutes later I was pregnant.

it's been a hard day. yesterday was hard - thinking about today.

i know other people talk about how hard this day is but i was not anticipating it.

i am reminded of the lifetime of memories i won't have.

last year i was excited, happy, and not yet feeling sick.

i've been forced to say good bye to that woman who was just one short year ago. i know love at a new depth and wince at the innocence that was ripped from me.

especially on nights like tonight.

"be near me Lord Jesus I ask thee to stay
close by me forever and love me I pray
bless all the dear children in thy tender care
and fit us for Heaven to live with thee there"


  1. I am thinking about you, Melissa, and praying for you. I look back at myself one year ago and get mad at how naive I was. The innocense is gone but we can see clearly just what a miracle every life is. Love you!

  2. to "love at a new depth..."
    I'm clinging to that.

    Big hugs and prayers for you!

  3. Just saw an awesome deal on a cruise that left from NOLA... wishing I had money to get there, scoop you up, and cruise off to the Caribbean with you.

  4. I missed this one somehow... I can only imagine... love you

  5. Oh friend, Glad to see you are blogging again. I'm so sorry, that has to be a horrible day. Know that I pray for you DAILY.