Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P&S #3

We've started our travel adventures in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado and arrived just in time for the some of the most perfect weather. It's fun to drive around a city and see the mountains in the distance. It has been great seeing family over the last week, Dave's parents and my bro's and their significant others with Mom and Duane here in Colorado.

I am excited this week that I can finally feel baby boy's kicks on the outside! Dave and my brother John were both lucky enough to get a hand on my belly fast enough to feel for themselves too. I have nothing to compare it to but it he feels pretty active to me. Late morning until I go to bed I feel random kicks and punches throughout the day...night owl baby :-) just like his mama. Unfortunately it seems like the more active he gets the less food I can keep down. Every day is an adventure.

I was able to get a copy of my records for all the traveling we are doing. As we've been talking about the initial ultrasound it seemed Dave and I remembered things differently and didn't get reassuring answers from our doctors appointment last week so I read the perinatologist report. According to what he wrote, the only abnormality with our baby is his brain. His spine, heart, and facial features were normal at that time. We are encouraged by this as we are interested in donating his organs, if it can be done. So - we are anxious for our next appointment to hopefully get some answers to questions like that.

At lunch today I received a call from Minnesota Perinatal Physicians and set up my appointment for June 9th! That was a great stress relief, I was giving both my New Orleans doctor and this office until tomorrow (holiday weekend and all) to get connected before I made a second round of calls. We'll have another ultrasound, meet with the perinatologist and a genetics counselor if we need to. I think we are also going to set up a meeting with the perinatal hospice service that is provided through Children's Hospital for any further questions that we might have.

So that's the business news. It seems we continue to have good or sad days with no warning when it will be a good or sad day.

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