Wednesday, June 9, 2010

P&S #5

We had a good day today meeting with a perinatal hospice nurse, getting another ultrasound (with pictures for us to take home!), and meeting with a genetic counselor. Well, as good a day as one can have while beginning to plan for a baby's birth and death...

Nothing has changed, baby boy is healthy as can be except for the anencephaly. It was great to talk to people who really respect our decision and support it. When I called to make the appointments I asked to see and speak to someone with this specific experience - they definitely delivered on that request! The perinatologist started talking about how "when the really good ultrasound machines came out in 1975" - LOL - and I knew he would have the depth of experience that would make me (us) comfortable.

We have been using baby boy's name for quite a while but wanted to wait to tell family in person before we announce it...tomorrow we will be meeting with the last group of immediate family so I will send out a more detailed email about today's visits and his name - maybe a picture if I can figure out how to make that work without a scanner.

Thanks again for all the prayers today, it was tough at times for each of us to keep composed and I'm sure it was your prayers that held us up.

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