Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P&S #4

*written by Dave*

So, I told Melissa that she should send out a post-Detroit email update, and of course since it was my idea, she thought it best that I do the update. At some point I'll learn to keep my suggestions to myself :-)

Last Tuesday night we flew in from Denver after having a great time with Melissa's brothers and sister in law. It's amazing how seeing snow-capped mountains in the distance can change one's perspective on things. What a big and mighty God we serve.

After being back in New Orleans for about 24 hours, we hit the open road with dogs in tow headed for Detroit to catch up with some friends and family. It was great to see the city, and no matter how tough things may be in Michigan right now, it will still always feel like home to me. We spent a few days with my sister and her husband and my niece and nephew - It had only been about 6 weeks since they were down in New Orleans to visit us, but they agreed that Melissa's belly had definitely gotten rounder with our baby boy! I think that my sister was the only one who's reflexes were quick enough to feel him move - and we've determined that based on his communication through little kicks and punches that he loves Doritos (just like his Daddy!! haha)

Sunday, we went to our home-church in the city where Melissa and I met and got married. It's was great to see our friends and so many of the people who supported us from the time we were both single and unattached, through the time we were dating, engaged, and married. It just seemed appropriate and necessary that we share this stage of our journey with them as well. Not everybody knew our situation, and after just seeing that Melissa is obviously pregnant offered up a cheery "congratulations" - but there were also the few, that knew us a little better, that knew that there was more to the story. And it just felt so good to be taken in, and lifted up in their prayers. There's something about praying with those who know you, and love you, and have helped you become the people that you are - It just felt so confirming and assuring that as intimate as we feel among our beloved friends and family, just how much more intimate does God feel towards us? What we're going through isn't because we've been overlooked or forgotten about. God has been revealing Himself every day as we share our time and hearts with others, and I believe He will continue to do so.

Our time went by pretty quickly in Detroit, and before we knew it, it was Sunday night and we were back in the car (dogs in tow) headed for Melissa's mom's house in Minnesota.

Today we went to pick out some fabrics for the blanket and hat that Melissa's mom is going to make for baby boy... It was definitely the most emotional I've been while shopping for fabric. Ok, it may have been my first time ever shopping for fabric. But it was difficult, and exciting, and sad, and beautiful, to pick out what we're going to wrap him in on the day of his birth. I found it a little overwhelming, and was again, just amazed and in awe at the strength and grace of my amazing wife.

Tomorrow, we have an appointment with a perinatal specialist and will get another ultrasound from a doctor near the cities. Please say an extra prayer for us tomorrow. I know that Melissa will send out an update with the results of that appointment, so for now, I'll just ask you to please pray for our strength, and that we have a doctor that can help us answer some of our questions.

I've attached a few of the pictures that we took in Detroit with my sister, husband, nieces and nephew. We wanted to make sure that the kids were able to take a picture with their cousin :-)

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