Thursday, April 11, 2013

sooooo big

11 months! so close to my birthday! and i'm soooooooooo big!

I used to read Pat the Bunny with my buddy Luke when I nannied him. Very fun. One of Jake's Titi's (that's New Orleans for aunt) here taught him to raise up his arms when someone asks how big he is. That translates to when he's had a couple bites of breakfast and realizes he's awake, he throws his arms in the arm and smiles. To which mama responds "soooo big!" in an obnoxiously high voice. Who's training who??  Too bad he has a bib on in that picture because the bear on his shirt is actually doing the same motion. huh.

He also figured out how to stick his tongue out this week. Adorable (so far). And will occasionally wave at the most *special* people. I don't know how he decides who gets a wave bye bye...the dogs might be included in that. Sunday when he wouldn't let me put him down and I needed to get ready for church I would say "if you don't let me put you down we can't go buh bye" and he would start waving. He did it enough times I actually have video. Hold your hand up for a high five and then rotate your wrist, that's a Jakers wave.

Spring break is coming next week, lots of visitors, and lots of plans. Including Jake's first visit to the zoo! I plan on lots of pictures, hopefully I'll get a minute to post some here.

Anyone know where to get gray socks? Jake is a crawling, standing, moving fool, and his socks are all white on the top. Dumb!! I can't find gray socks (in all the two places I looked). All the shoes I have ordered are too big. :-/

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  1. I can't believe he is 11 months already.

    Have you tried Target? We have gotten gray Circo brand socks before. Maybe Gap Kids, too?