Thursday, April 26, 2012

38 weeks - sunburn and bed rest

As if I don't complain enough, I decided to go to the beach and sit with some friends for an afternoon. It was a windy, chilly day and as soon as I noticed a little pink I covered up my legs. Hmmm. Not soon enough.

Now it appears that the sunburn has rammed up next to a high blood pressure issue. I had an ultrasound today to check on the babes size. He looks great! Doing all the right stuff, growing, growing, growing. He's about the size that his brother was at no wonder I'm a little uncomfortable a little earlier than I was last time. We got some fantastic pictures :-) Lotsa cheeks!

Anyway - my blood pressure was on the high side. I had a headache yesterday and it returned today...along with nausea and some mighty puffy feet so I have been given instructions for bed rest. Which is where I spent yesterday anyway, couldn't move around much what with my legs on fire. I have tried every natural home remedy to ease the burn. Including mayonnaise slathered on my legs at 5am. Not surprisingly, I'm having a hard time sleeping so let's just say things are a little emotional around here. The insomnia did start before the sunburn occurred but flaming legs doesn't help. It did keep my mind off uncomfortable pregnancy pains. In other news, my nose and my taste buds have gone crazy in these final days.

My appointment was with a specialist today, my OB is out of town this week. I go in for some blood work tomorrow and will check in with my doctor on Monday. Keep us in your prayers please! I wanna meet this boy but on good, healthy terms...

I have spent my late night hours praying and practicing the art of gratitude. Sammy changed my prayers. Whereas I used to pray for what *I* knew was best, I now find myself praying...maybe a bit more biblically? For the Lord's will or what he knows needs to happen. It's interesting.

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