Saturday, April 14, 2012

36 weeks, is it over yet?


I realized today that I feel the way I felt my last week with Sammy. That was week 40, I am in week 36. Mostly physically uncomfortable, hunger pains but no where to put food, and in the last couple days I just get to a point where I want to cry because everything hurts and because crying just sounds good. It could be a long few weeks here. I know it'll go fast and all of the sudden I'll be picking him up from his first day at kindergarten...but in this moment it feels like forever.

I had another dream about him last night. So far in my dreams he's always naked. ??? He was big! And then I was out running errands and soooooo happy to have a flatish belly, even if it was a mushy, first couple weeks after birth belly, I could twist and turn and move without pain! These are the things I look forward to :-)

We are *almost* all set for him to come. We ordered the car seat last week, it should be here Tuesday. The essentials in his room are ready, decor needs to be put up on his mom is making him a quilt, crib skirt, and changing pad covers! They are almost finished and will put a finishing touch on all that.

I'm going to try cloth diapering! My friend Jessie gave me a bunch of her daughters left over disposable size 1's and rumor has it the hospital sends some home with you too so we should be able to get through a few days and give the cloth diapers a try. I'm drawn to the hybrids, meaning you can use a cloth insert *or* a disposable insert. I like the versatility, sometimes cloth is not convenient but it can save money. We have a local store here that sells 'used' cloth diapers (sounds gross but I promise the ones I'm using don't have any parts that have touched another baby bottom, it's just the used cover that I bought) as well as new ones and I was able to buy a couple trial diapers for $5 each instead of the usual $17 each. They are seriously the most adorable, soft diapers you have ever seen. Just wait. Whether I stick with it or not I will have some dang cute pictures of baby J with his little cloth diapered butt in the air.

I think we've settled on his name but I'm reserving my last 1% of confirmation until I see his sweet face.

We're ready buddy, come on out and play!


  1. Glad you're giving CDing a try. We love it!

  2. wow, you're almost there! And I totally get the crying through the last few weeks - did it every time (only with Rachel I cried for a different reason) but it is SO HARD at the end of pregnancy. Soon, you'll be holding him and you'll forget all about this. (God made us that way so we'd have more! ha!) Can't wait to see him!