Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a....

'nother boy!

This pregnancy has been so different I was *convinced* that I was growing a little girly girl in there. No indeed. This little stinker is all boy.

It's been a stressful couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago today someone made a horrible comment about baby 'cido #2 and it basically unleashed all my worst fears about this pregnancy. By the time I returned to school after the Thanksgiving break I could hardly focus on anything...Wednesday I was pretty much unbearable to be around...just ask my kiddos. And the slightest mention of the doctor's appointment had me in tears. Ugh.

We left a little late for the appointment and then there was TRAFFIC. Dave called ahead to the hospital and asked if we could still be seen even if we were 1/2 hour late - essentially showing up after the office had closed. They said yes, but when we got there the lights were all out. It's a wonder I didn't lose it right then. We knocked, someone came out, and we commenced waiting for another 1/2 hour to be seen.

Dave mentioned to the tech that we wanted to know if it was a boy or girl so when she scanned down to that region she told us - our suspicions were correct, it was a girl! Within the minute she had to take it back, with a giggle, "opps, nope, this is a boy". I had the doctor confirm too, because gender neutral is not my deal.

Everything looks good! It was amazing to see...what I could recognize anyway. He's a feisty one. Both the doctor and the tech tried to get good pictures of his face but he was covering it up with his the doctor threatened to get a 3-d picture of his little bum and boy she moved the wand down, his parts disappeared and she took a minute to figure out why. The little stinker had covered them up with his hands! So she went back to the top to get a head shot and we watched as his arm moved up the side of his body to cover up his face. His response then was to curl his knees under him and stick his little booty up in the air, face buried in his hands. Too funny. Seems like he'll be able to give Isabel a run for her money (she is a 1 year old Drama Queen - and it is fantastic).

No name yet, we had a girl name picked out and hadn't talked much about a boy name so we're starting from scratch. I go back and forth on wanting to adopt the Jewish tradition of not buying anything for the baby until after it's born...for superstition's sake...but I'm pretty much itching to get him something. So the deal becomes, once we have a place to *put* some clothes or stuffed animals, we can start buying.

OH - the specialist that I've been seeing also had me tested for MTHFR - the disorder that I found out last November could be to blame for Sammy's anencephaly. Sure enough, I have 2 copies of the C677T mutation...all I know that to mean is that my body doesn't absorb folic acid the way it needs to to produce healthy babies AND that somehow contributes to a clotting disorder. Since I didn't start on the extra folic acid until after I found out I was pregnant with #2 (we really need to pick a name - huh) and I didn't find out until 17 weeks that I need to take an aspirin a day to avoid clots in the umbilical cord and whatnot...this baby is extra miraculous.



  1. Rejoicing with you and Dave!!! Love hearing all the miracles God is doing!!!

  2. Asa did that with his hands too - so cute! the MTHFR is something I keep thinking I should be tested for too since I have heard so much about it. So thankful that #2 looks good, and will eventually have a name :o)

  3. Melissa,

    I found your blog because I work for a local company (I also live in New Orleans) that makes a prescription prenatal for women with MTHFR and you must mention MTHFR in this blog somwhere because I got a Google alert.

    I have now spent the last hour reading the whole blog. You are amazing. I am in awe. What a wonderful writer you are. Sammy was a beautiful little boy. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it is perfect. You are in my prayers.