Sunday, December 18, 2011

a gift

Thursday I came home and found a "missed you!" note from the post office. We had a package waiting for us, from Sammy to Little Bro. *smile* There was a fleet second of worry about something crazy going on but then I realized not that many people have our new address so that means either myself or my mom gave it out to someone.

Dave picked it up and still couldn't figure out who it was from...when he read me the postage mark I was delivered via some of the sweetest little bunnies I ever babysat, who have had everyone they know at their church praying for this little bro.

That's a couple alligator and monkey sleepers (I just happen to know a great song about some monkey's and an alligator too). The teddy bear plays sounds of the womb, a slow gentle mama's heartbeat which seems very fitting since that is one of the things Sammy and this little guy will have in common, listening to their mama's heartbeat.

Sammy, we'll think of you every time we snuggle for bed in those sleepers and every time a heart beats.

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